Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to Spend a Snow Day.

Sometimes, it snows a foot in a period of 10 hours. When that happens, you can choose to stay inside watching movies and sipping hot cocoa (a valuable option!) or, you can go to a 6 year old's birthday party and JUMP.

Today was Oro's buddy Dylan's birthday party and he was holding it at Zero Gravity. I don't know how popular trampoline parks are in your area, but they're starting to spread here in MN and I couldn't be happier. Last year I purchased a Facebook Deal to go to another one in a nearby suburb, but ended up letting it expire before we made our date to go. Wah-wah. Today, I got my 2nd chance. Thank god for 6 year olds and new kindergarten friends!

We jumped for 1.5 hours and I estimate I burned HUNDREDS of calories. I never thought to bring my heart rate monitor, but I worked up a sweat! I also discovered that maybe I should have been a cheerleader, because I do a pretty good jumping split. 

Oro and the kiddos had the best time and I had a blast too! I am so happy to be with someone who is such an involved and fun parent, because I love to play! I'd always rather be hanging with the kids, engaged in activities, than standing (or sitting) around talking about them. Let's play! I did accidentally inhale 4 pieces of pizza in the party room, so I cancelled out my activity and then some, but it was worth it. Correction: the pizza wasn't worth it, but the jumping was. 

When I finally got home tonight, I had to shovel my car out from under a foot of snow and clear a portion of my sidewalk. I am blessed with amazing neighbors who shoveled for me while I was out today, and that cut down on my back breaking shovel adventure, though that would have been worth another handful of APs!

Here's to hoping my morning class will be cancelled and I can enjoy a quiet morning to myself. 

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