Monday, December 3, 2012


I had a FANTASTIC weekend.

It was a horrid weekend, as far as the plan goes, in comparison to a carefully planned one, however, Manpanion and I desperately needed a fun night out. Finals are coming up and we've been lucky to see each other 1-2x per week for the past 5 months, so we were due for a great date night.

We met up in the afternoon on Saturday (after I attended 1 hour of Zumba) and went rock climbing for 2 hours, so I definitely earned the APs for a dinner out. I researched what I wanted to eat online before we hit the restaurant, and I stuck to my plan. It was definitely a high point evening, counteracted only by an hour of dancing at the end of it. I have no regrets.

Aside from this, Thursday and Friday went very well and I hit my points target daily. On Thursday, Manpanion made us this delicious dinner:
wine braised cabbage, sauteed green beans, tilapia ceviche and an apple. YES.

Our date night was Saturday, and it kind of spilled over into Sunday when we went to run errands without first checking to see if the store we needed was open. It wasn't, and I was easily convinced into a soy latte and half of a caramel roll. And a bloody mary. Oops. And then later that night we agreed to meet some friends out for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in town that will close its doors forever in just 2 weeks. OOOOPS. 

So, I am down to 13 Weekly Points after burning through my 23 APs and 36 of my Weeklies between the 2 dinners out. C'est la vie, right? I mean... life is about experiences, and I wouldn't trade either of those back in for the extra calories. 

I've been avoiding the gym all morning but I'm dressed and trying to psych myself into it. I'm not very excited, which is slightly unlike me, but I've bargained myself into a relatively short incline workout on the treadmill. I just need to GET there and spend at least 30 minutes working out, however hard. That is my deal with myself, and of course, with GymPact. 

How'd your weekend go? Any thrilling dates or exciting dinners? 

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Take It Off said...

I just found your blog, and your description sounds a lot like me. That meal look delicious. And gorgeous!