Thursday, November 29, 2012

Weighing In - 11/29/2012

Previous weight: 155.8

Today's weight:  156.4

This week's results: +0.8lbs
Argh. I feel deflated by these results. I know that I went over on Thanksgiving, and also on Saturday, but I worked out hard this week and I have had PLENTY of weeks go by where I ate around this same amount of points and had a loss. 
But, I didn't even gain a whole pound, so I'm chalking this one up as just more practice for maintaining. 
I'll admit: I definitely did some bargaining this morning. I stepped off the scale and went through all the excuses we always tell ourselves. "My muscles are retaining water." "Maybe I ate too much salt yesterday." Etc etc etc. I debated not tracking my weight. I got a little angry. But the truth of the matter is IT DOESN'T MATTER. Every step is a step in the right direction, and I tracked all my food, and I worked out every day. 
Here's my tracker:

This week, each day I earned (on average) 5 Activity Points. I worked out EVERY DAY except Wednesday, where I took a day off from the gym (but not my work steps) because I suffered a giant pain the night before and Manpanion suggested I was working too hard. He's quite the honest man, so I took that advice to heart. 

On Thursday, I clearly celebrated Thanksgiving. I had 3 glasses of wine, and I ate reasonably small portions of everything my Aunt put on the table. I wasn't able to measure and I had no idea what went into everything, so this possibly could have added up to much more than I estimated. Friday I made myself a turkey and a Thanksgiving dinner that I would share with the boys when they returned to the cities on Saturday. And on Saturday, I over indulged with more wine, my Thanksgiving creation and an unplanned dessert that I wasn't sure how to estimate. Another red flag. 

Sunday began with a very reasonable breakfast of an egg-white omelet and spiraled into a protein rich day. I went over by only 4 points, and that was reasonable because that's what I earned at the gym. However, I did continue to eat my Thanksgiving dinner, and I'm starting to wonder if I somehow miscalculated the points for everything there. Red flag, again. Monday was a very light day where I didn't even hit my daily target. Tuesday was a dinner at home with Manpanion and we kept it light and completely vegetarian. An all vegetables dinner, no dessert, but I did make myself a Maple Bourbon Sour and went over my daily target by 9 points. Wednesday, I stuck right around my daily target, but made some pour and salty choices throughout the day at work including a tablespoon of peanut butter and a big fat handful of fries. I tracked both and had the points, but I definitely have grabbers' remorse. 


On to the celebrations!

I celebrate my determination to make all of my meals. I didn't eat out at all this last week aside from dining with family for Thanksgiving. THIS generally makes a big difference for me as far as points-planning, and I think this fact adds to my disappointment in the gain. 

I celebrate my GYM AWESOMENESS. I went every day, again, except for Wednesday when I was recovering from an injury. I worked hard, I lifted a lot, I sweat... a LOT. 
I celebrate my commitment to tracking my weight even though I'm annoyed that I'm annoyed about it. 
This week I need to focus on:
  • Eating breakfast RIGHT AWAY. I tend to linger around in the mornings drinking mass amounts of coffee and eating breakfast when I feel hungry, which is usually HOURS after I've gotten up. I've read that you need to stoke your metabolism by eating as soon as possible after waking, so I'm going to give that a shot this week. 
  • Being done with Thanksgiving. I kept the giant meals to only Thursday, but I ate all of the leftovers I cooked for myself all week. I did not use the recipe builder to determine the points, I only estimated, and after 10 years on Weight Watchers, I should know now not to do this. 
  • Getting back to basics. I need to start measuring and weighing everything again. Last night, I poured myself a bowl of cereal for dinner. I didn't measure or weigh it. I know it was more than a cup, but I chose to ignore that. I need to get back on this. 
  • Positive Self-Talk. Still love this goal. 
  • EXERCISE! I'm at the end of Stage 1 for NRL4W, and I'm supposed to take a week off before starting Stage 2. I debated not doing this, but I am starting to feel that my body really does need a break. 
So that's that. I gained. I have some strategies to get me back on track (the correct track) and I know that WW is rolling out changes to the plan on Monday, which is something that will force me to refocus on the basics because I'll need to re-learn them again. 
I'm feeling deflated today by the gain, but also because I told you I was very excited to take my measurements now that I've completed the first stage of the New Rules of Lifting for Women. Well, I did that this morning and there has been NO change, except I have lost 2.25" from my waist. I mean, that's a pretty awesome change, but I actually GAINED half an inch on my hips (which I'll attribute to my butt getting higher and rounder, which I have no problem with). Everything else is the same as in October of 2012. I really thought things were different. 
When I took the measurements and compared them, I was heart broken. It made me not want to continue with the program. However, I had to force myself into my own advice and remember what I always ask myself (and tell others to ask themselves): "Would that get me closer to my goal?" With my goal, in this case, to be a stronger individual.
The obvious answer is no, plus, lifting these heavy weights changes my mood in an entirely different way than cardio. While I love both effects, the strength training helps me with will power. I want to quit during a set because it's hard, but I don't. I power through. And when I do this with weights, I can do it with food. I can do it with homework. I can do it with anything, and I need these lessons to stop being a quitter. 
I'm not a quitter. 
NOT A QUITTER. So I'll keep on keeping on this week, starting right now. 

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Holly A. said...

AND, the best part of a fluke week is walking out of next weeks weigh in with a ridiculous loss! You got it!