Thursday, November 22, 2012

Weighing In - 11/22/2012

Previous weight: 157.2

Today's weight:  155.8

This week's results: -1.4lbs
YAY! YES! WAHOO. I was beyond elated to weigh in this morning, and my body woke me up extra early from the excitement. I definitely worked the program this week after my realization on Saturday that I was simply trying to fit my lifestyle into the program, and not work the program into my lifestyle.  
I made fantastic choices this week, and I joined GymPact (sign up with my code: "ChestNicol") to further ensure that I'll be keeping my commitment to the gym... which I did! And I earned money for it! FREE MONEY!
Here's my tracker:

Each day, I earned (on average) around 7 Activity Points (APs), and each day, I ate them. As you can see, most days fell right around 30-35 points+ consumed. That's about 9 more than my Daily Target of 26, which often feels impossible for me to stick to, but that's why there are Weekly flexible points to play with, even if I weren't working out so hard. But I've been at this for a long time, and I know that exercise is the key to my weight loss. I need to "earn" those extra calories, and in the process, I always love and appreciate my body more. Plus... it looks better, let's be frank. 

There were two days, Monday and Wednesday  where I came in at or below my Daily Target. I tried to think back about any special circumstances on those days, and really it was just that I made some good, fatty choices. Namely, avocado. I ate avocado on each of those days. Now, I'm not saying there's a correlation, but I'm not NOT saying that either, and I'm definitely going to try to fit more avocado into my life for two reasons: 1) this reason and 2) it's SO DELICIOUS. 

Lately I've been rolling up avocado in a mustard slathered slice of turkey. I have a couple of those and consider it a sandwich. It's amazing, and fills me right up, plus it's full of delicious protein and all of the flavor of a sandwich without the bread. <----winner .="." div="div" nbsp="nbsp">

I was able to fit in more cardio this week in between my lifting sessions for NRL4W Stage 1. Tomorrow, when the gym is open again and I head in for Workout A, I will have to add an entire set to my workout. The jump from 2 sets to 3 already has me nervous, but I know I can do it, and I love that this program, combined with mental-clearing, invigorating cardio has me jonesing for the gym again. I think about when I'll "GET" to go again. I love that mental place. 

On to the celebrations!

I celebrate my dedication to the gym! I went every single day. EVERY DAY. If I wasn't lifting for NRL4W, I was sweating my butt off with entertaining cardio. I feel fantastic about my physical achievements this week. 

I celebrate my commitment to my re-re-commitment. When I realized on Saturday that I wasn't really trying, I was just tracking, I decided to step it up a notch. There was no punishment for "not doing it right." Tracking is a very important piece of the program, and now I've made it a habit. Now it's time to try to stick closer to a daily target that works for me and plan how to eat as much food as possible within that number. 
I celebrate my excitement! In general! Workout out has me feeling bouncy and smiley and accomplished. My muscles are starting to settle into the feeling of constant soreness, which I'm starting to enjoy, and I am getting more and more confident in my place in the weight room. I can LIFT. I DO LIFT. The boys get out of my way, because I'm lifting serious weight. It's pretty liberating. 
SO, this week I am going to focus on...

  • Keeping up with cardio. I've been feeling fantastic since I decided last week to fit cardio into my NRL4W plan, even though I'm not "supposed" to. I know what makes me feel good, and while I want to listen to and respect experts, I also want to do what makes me happier and healthier, and so I'll continue. 
  • Throwing away the meal plan. In the past, I've planned out my meals and snacks for the week to keep me in check. I've learned that with my new life circumstances (school, restaurant work, etc), this doesn't really fly anymore, and in fact just makes me feel a little anxious and like a failure for having to deviate from the plan. The new (and possibly better) plan is to simple keep all the ingredients for that would-be-planned meal and just choose to eat it. This accomplishes two things: a feeling of choice, and a solidification of the lessons I've learned with Weight Watchers. I'm changing my attitude toward food. Plus, if all I have is the makings for a healthy meal, that's what I'm going to have. 
  • Maturity and Patience. I loved this goal last week. It's a reality of my life now. It should have been all along, but I wasn't in the situation to practice it because my relationship was a couple of babies throwing things at each other and trying to hurt the other. A sad picture, but we all learn our lessons somewhere. I've always been blunt, and I like that honesty about myself, but I could be more gentle in my honesty, and while I'm learning to be open with my feelings, I also need to learn to censor some of the things other people don't need to hear. It's a confusing jumble, but just in the way I'm committed to bettering my body and my health, I'm committed to becoming a better person over all, and a better partner to Paul and a better friend to my friends and a better everything!
  • Positive Self-Talk. Still love this goal. 
  • Strength Training. As I've said a couple times, I'm pretty nervous about adding that 3rd set to my NRL4W workouts, but I promise to do them anyway. And do them right. And keep adding strength and hotness to my body. 

Alright now. It's Thanksgiving. I'm still deciding how I'm going to go about this. 
The original plan was to work, but that plan is now shot. The new plan is to attend dinner at my Aunt's house, where my nomadic brother (whom I see only 3-4x per year, around holidays) will be, as well as my dad and my sister/BIL. Family can be a big stress trigger for me. My sister and I have a tempestuous relationship. We've been doing a lot better the last few years, but for the most part, I still revert back to teenage-me when she is around. I'm trying to mentally devise a plan to not let food become a part of this stress. 
My gym is also closed, so the plan for a long run is on, because it's extremely warm already at 7:00am. 
The biggest decision is whether to track today or not. There's some discussion on the WW boards about people not tracking at all, and just enjoying the day. That's attractive to me, but I also know that ONE day of not tracking can lead to many, and I'm scared of heading down that road. 
I think I will track, even if I go WAYYYY into the red. I have the whole week to work hard and make that up. 
What are you doing today to stay on track, if anything? 

2 comments: said...

awesome, awesome progress!! I loved being in the 150s (when i was doing ww) Keep up the great work!

Tiffany Campiotti said...

Nice loss. I was trying to figure out whether to track today or not as well. I am going to do my best to guesstimate and call it good. I've had 75+ days tracking my food and I kind of want to know what I eat...just to know. Have a great Thanksgiving!