Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weighing In - 11/15/2012

Previous weight: 158.0

Today's weight:  157.2

This week's results: -0.8lbs
Huh. I'm back to where I started 2 weeks ago, and it's highly unexpected considering HOW MUCH I ATE THIS WEEK. I need to find out what this is telling me. Eat more? Happily! 

Here's my tracker:

I'll skip the daily recount this week, as you can see Thursday and Tuesday were the only days that  even remotely resembled being On Plan (OP).  As a reminder, this is the week I began New Rules of Lifting for Women: Stage 1, which incredibly increased my appetite on Friday, Saturday and then again on Monday when I performed Workout B or Stage 1. 

I guess I have revved my metabolism? In one week? Seems unlikely. I'm calling a fluke. But I'll take that fluke and hug it tightly, in the same manner of tightness that it has left my muscles for nearly a week. 

I definitely made a ton of poor choices again this week. I drank a lot of lactose free egg nog because it tastes good, despite the fact that it's 5 points+ per half cup. I may have also poured whiskey into it to add more points I couldn't afford to spend on such a nutritionless treat. I tracked it, I moved on... possibly to another serving of nog. 

I celebrate my water intake! I bought a new water bottle for work. A glass one with a silicone sleeve, which should make it easier to keep clean. Work is by far the best place for me to get in my water because I am constantly moving, yet constantly unchallenged and slightly bored. It's not important work, but it pays the bills in the 3 days a week I have available to make money and for that, I am incredibly grateful. At home I have been adding cucumber slices to my pitcher of fridge water to make water seem more attractive when it's chilly out. It's working!

I celebrate that even though I am not proud of seeing the number grow into the high negatives, I tracked all of my food//drink intake. I thought about falling back into old habits where I just ignore days where I ate 3x my daily target, but... who does that help? Not me. Plus, me screwing up is probably relatively entertaining on this blog, even if just for empathy's sake. 
I celebrate how I listened to my body this week, even when it was telling me to drink more nog. I probably could have translated that need for creamy protein into a healthier snack... but I didn't. c'est la vie. 

SO, this week I am going to focus on...

  • Working in Cardio again. Part of NRL4W is that you're supposed to only lift. No cardio until the 2nd stage when you start working in HIIT (high intensity interval training). Well, fuck that. Excuse me. I'm sure these guys are experts, but I am an expert in ME, and I need some cardio to maintain my mental health. Now that I've completed a 3rd lifting session and my muscles don't feel quite as abused, I feel confident I can fit in some light cardio on my in-between days. It's time to ramp it up. 
  • MEALS at work. I usually bring a lunchbox full of snacks to work. Let me preface this by saying I work from 11:30a-8pm, 3 days a week. I have to leave for work at 10:40am to get there on time [because I have to go through Airport security, just like everyone else. Though a shorter line]. That's a long time that I go just snacking on things, and while I think having the snacks is important because SOMETIMES it keeps me out of the french fry bowl, I bet if I actually ATE a meal, I wouldn't feel the need to snack as much. So, I need to figure out and pack some high protein meals for my work shifts. They cannot involve liquids (which includes yogurt and cottage cheese and stuff), and we do not have a microwave, so I'll need to get creative. 
  • Maturity and Patience. Being a grown up is weird. You have to take a lifetime's worth of lessons and apply them to or against who you want to be now that you get to decide for yourself. It's difficult if you were raised in a way you don't agree with, and perhaps you're also trying to love someone in a way you've never been loved before. My emotional intelligence is growing, and I'm having to mature and admit I'm wrong ALL THE TIME. And I am wrong a lot of the time, and that's ok. I don't know how to navigate life holding hands with someone healthfully in a way that we both want. Compromise. Adult relationships. Love in stressful times. It'd be easy to fall into a trap of saying "THIS IS TOO HARD!" just like with diet and exercise. But is it worth it? Hell yes. Would I rather just get my way all the time? Hell yes. Is that reasonable? Nope. 
  • Strength Training. Keeping up with my NRL4W workouts! They're so challenging! It feels great to really put my muscles to work again. It's been a while since I pushed myself so hard. 
  • Positive Self-Talk. I still love this goal. 

Alright. I've reviewed the week. I've set a few goals. I'm still riding the high of luck to have not gained this week, and I'm excited with the prospect of playing with my points a bit. It's going to need to be a week of tuning in to my body, like... really listening. If I'm actually hungry, I'll eat after I drink a big glass of water to be sure.

It sounds like my volunteering to work on Thanksgiving is a go, which helps me to not consume MASS AMOUNTS of food. But it also sounds like my mom thinks me working on Thanksgiving is the worst thing that's ever happened to anyone, so she'll be making me a personal Thanksgiving dinner, which means an entire turkey for the two of us to split (!?!???!) and all the trimmings, so I guess I'll still get to have my big ol' day after sandwich after all. Oh moms. They step in to help at the silliest times. 

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Tiffany Campiotti said...

Maybe suggest to Mom that you don't need a whole turkey and just see if she'll do a turkey breast for the two of you? Maybe? lol.
I think your goals are great. I too used to "ignore" when I overate and now I'm trying out the "honestly tracking" avenue as well. Yay us :)
Glad you netted a loss this week, that's fantastic.