Thursday, November 8, 2012

Weighing In - 11/08/2012

Previous weight: 157.2
Today's weight:  158.0

This week's results: +0.8lbs
I expected this. I have little to no reaction over it, save for a small amount of surprise that it was less than a pound gained. 

Here's my tracker:

I'll skip the daily recount this week, as you can see Sunday and Monday were the only days that went "well" for me.  But you'll also see that I earned 49 activity points this week. That's not easy when you're of "normal weight" and fitness. When I was 200 pounds, I could earn 7-9-11 APs a workout without much effort. Now, I huff my butt off for 3 APs. 

I didn't make a ton of smart choices this week, but I recorded them, and I have some ideas. 

I celebrate the 2 OP days I managed.
I celebrate that I was able to track as much as possible, even when I'm slightly ashamed with what I ate. 
I celebrate that I spent most of this week not using words like "ashamed," "stupid," and other intrapersonal thoughts that keep me in a negative cycle. YAY!

This week I am going to focus on...

  • Drinking More Water. I am doing AWESOME on this. 
  • Going to the gym. I did get myself in this last week, and I'll continue this trend. I aim to get there at least 4x this week. 
  • Strength Training. This was a goal for last week that I didn't get around to. I'm headed to the gym right now with my NROLW book!
  • Positive Self-Talk. I love this goal. 

Not the best week for me. Bad food choices lead to sluggishness, lead to skipping the gym, lead to lazy days and poor brain quality. I'm starting to wonder if it would help me think of healthy eating as an obligation if I also included my brain in the picture. I already look at it as an obligation to fuel my body well, except I still struggle from that societal phenomenon where we separate ourselves from our bodies, so sometimes I don't care what my body does... I'll be over here eating SmartPuffs.

If I were able to remember that my homework and research suffers when I eat nothing but crap... it might be slightly more motivating.

Time to lift heavy things!

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Tiffany Campiotti said...

Reporting a gain is never easy. Brush yourself off, feed your brain right :), and kick some butt this week. Your goals are great btw. Positive self talk is a big deal imo. Have fun lifting!