Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weighing In - 11/01/2012

Previous weight: 158.4

Today's weight:  157.2

This week's results: -1.2lbs!

Even though I indulged in some Halloween sweets over the weekend, and of course raided Oro's Trick-or-Treat bag for 2 pieces yesterday, in addition to the 5 I was gifted at work, I still weighed in with a loss!

Here's my tracker:

On Thursday I had a completely OP (on plan) day. I completely failed at keeping my hands out of the fry bowl, but I also listened to my hunger after that and decided to have a smoothie for dinner. A little protein powder, PB2 and rice milk with ice cubes. That kept my day at 26 points+ (my daily target) and it felt like dessert for dinner! Friday was another great OP day! After work, I decided to have a small handful of dry cereal because it sounded good. That's where I swapped 2 extra points, but I definitely had the AP (activity points) at that point. 
Saturday was where it got a little tricky with the Halloween party for the kiddos. I ate 2 hot dogs and a whole bunch of kettle corn in addition to having a beer. No big deal. Everyone needs to celebrate every once in a while. 
Sunday I made gluten free donuts and roasted pumpkin seeds. We went out for brunch and I kept that reasonable,  and generally wasn't very hungry after that big meal. I snacked on the pumpkin seeds throughout the day as we carved pumpkins, and had a very small dinner because I just wasn't that hungry. I ended the day at my daily target again! WOOOO! Monday was another perfectly OP day and I even treated myself to another beer. I cooked up my meals for the week in the evening after spending the whole day on campus for classes and an appointment with my advisor. 
Tuesday was a bit of a challenge. I knew we were having a big family dinner with Manpanion's sisters, so I kept the morning and afternoon very light. I didn't, however, keep my hunger in check before dinner and I went a little nuts on the cheese plate that Paul and I made as a pre-dinner snack. After tracking an estimate of the cheese I had, I tried to keep my portion for dinner mostly the salad I prepared (0 points+ for the salad, 1 point+ for the dressing) and I took a piece of pork tenderloin that appeared to be around 2oz based on my palm sizing. I also had a glass of wine but skipped dessert, figuring I can't have the best of ALL worlds, and the wine was dessert enough for me. 
Wednesday was Halloween, and despite the 8 fun-sized pieces of candy I indulged in (a surprising 14 points in their tininess) I kept it completely OP, even ending the day with an extra daily point. 
The week  I only earned 26 APs, and most of those came from my work pedometer. I definitely wasn't feeling up to the gym most mornings, opting to stay in bed with Paul (if we were lucky enough to be together) or just log a little more sleep when it was possible. It was an easy week to psych myself out of it, and I wish I hadn't let SO many days go by without exercising. But.. it happened. Good thing to learn from. 
I celebrate the 5 totally OP days I managed! That's almost the entire week, during a holiday!!! Radtastic!
I celebrate the extra sleep I snuck in. Even though my energy level didn't seem any higher. I think I may have fought off a cold, so that's a bonus. 
I celebrate the ability to listen to my body on the days I managed to go a bit overboard. I still ate a lot of points+, but I definitely put a stop to it as quickly as I recognized what was happening. That means that habits are building and eventually those occurrences will happen less and less!

This week I am going to focus on...
  • Drinking More Water. I've gotten back on track this last week, downing two 32oz water bottles daily most days of the week. Being that I live in Minnesota, and the winter months are approaching, I require a little more water because of the dry air. It does wonders for my hair and skin in addition to the health of my body, so there's a lot of motivation there. 
  • Going to the gym. Given that this last week, I opted out most days, I am going to focus on just GOING to the gym. I need to spend at least 10 minutes on an activity, and if I want to leave after that, I can. I've used this strategy before, and I almost never want to leave, figuring "Hey, I'm already here. Let's just get this done." Hopefully it'll just help build the habit of going and reaping all the benefits of exercise. 
  • Strength Training. Since my return to WW, I have definitely been focusing on cardio and have mostly ditched my strength training routine in order to get the most out of my 30-40 minute gym sessions since that is the only amount of time I can spare. However, I just received The New Rules of Lifting for Women and I want to give this program an honest shot. I would like to try at least a few exercises from the book this week. 
  • Positive Self-Talk. Focusing on this has greatly improved the quality of my life in the last week. It's the most difficult of all of the goals, especially after 30 years of self-talk that tends to lean toward the negative. I am determined to overthrow that little jerk devil on my shoulder who constantly points me toward the things I'm doing wrong. I want to focus on what's right, because there's a lot of it!
I'm very excited to see a loss on the scale. A nice piece of this current journey is that I'm way less scale focused. I tend to forget I'll be weighing in on Thursday morning until my calendar alert goes off. I find this to be a healthy spin because I am working on my healthy eating habits NOT for the results on the scale, though those are an obvious benefit, but just to overhaul my life. 

I hope all of your weeks are going well. Have any of you used The New Rules of Lifting for Women? I'm excited to hear some real life accounts!


Tiffany Campiotti said...

Yay for the loss! I'd love to hear your thoughts on NRoL. I really want to read that one next. Gotta see if the library has it be fore I buy it lol. Have a great day!

Sunny said...

woohoo, congrats on the loss!! :) it's great that your building good eating habits and listening to your body!