Friday, November 23, 2012


The day went swimmingly.

I started by logging my 1.4 pound loss (HOORAY) and heading out for my run//walk, which I cut short because the sun decided to disappear. In the end, I went 3.5 miles and earned 6 APs, which I attribute to the "break" I added where I did stair climbs for 5 minutes on the Sabo Bridge. I proceeded to do some odd-jobs around the house, including some laundry and fridge reorganization, before I headed out to my Aunt's house for the big family dinner.

I got to reunite with my brother, who's been in Alaska for the summer where he works seasonally as a trail-guide slash bartender, his girlfriend, my sister, my brother in law, my dad, aunt, uncle and cousin Jeff. We all hovered around the kitchen island snacking on carrots and peapods, strawberries, blueberries and sipping mimosas.

After we'd already eaten to satisfaction on those goodies, we moved into the dining room for the feast. I love my Aunt, but she is Minnesota through and through, so my plate was easy to keep small. I took a healthy dose of the turkey that my dad grills each year because it is so succulent, and filled half my plate with salad. A small serving of carrots and an even smaller serving of mashed potatoes rounded things out and that's all I chose. I knew I was going to want that slice of pumpkin pie.

Which I had.

And 2 glasses of wine.

I DID decide to track the day, and most of my points came from booze, which I kind of expected. I ended the day having consumed 51 points, which is almost-but-not-quite double my daily target. I am actually pretty proud of that. I think  know it could have been worse. I have 28 weekly points left, and I intend to rebuild my weeklies by earning Activity Points which will counteract that total.

This morning I'm roasting my own turkey, because I walked away empty handed from our dinner. I decided to take absolutely NO leftovers, because I can make all of this food myself. Plus, my employer gifted me a turkey, so it was FREE. I can hear it crackalackin in the oven right now, getting all brown and juicy.

Today I'm moving slowly, lingering over coffee in that way that always makes my soul sing. I love having very little to do in the morning because it's such a rare occurrence for me these days. I'm taking my time, attending to the turkey and staring out the window at all of our freshly fallen snow. The wind at the window sounds like a rushing river and the whole world is quiet, save for the music I'm blasting through the stereo.

Around noon, I'm going to head into the gym for my NRL4W Workout A; the one where I Have to add an entire set. This will be the first time I have to complete 3 sets of 10 reps instead of 2 sets of 15/12/10 reps (progressed as the weeks moved) and I'm feeling weary, but up to the challenge. I made a new playlist for motivation and I picked out my favorite athletic clothes to help psych me up.

I have to work in the afternoon, 3:30pm to close, whenever that is. I'm slightly nervous that these snow flitters and very cold wind chills will set some flights back, which pushes back the time I get to go home. Our airport restaurant only closes when the last flight has gone out, which has resulted in 1am close times in the past, luckily not when I've ever been there. I'm generally on the train home around 10pm, and I like it that way. Here's hoping...

How did your turkey day go? What will you do with your leftovers!?!


Nikki said...

Well done for sticking to Weight Watchers over Thanksgiving.

nic said...

Thanks!!! I decided that it was "just ONE day," and nothing looked too fabulous that I couldn't live without it. Except pie. So i ate it.

Tiffany Campiotti said...

I tracked yesterday, it wasn't pretty (because there were too many desserts that I enjoyed). I did run 5 miles yesterday and enjoyed myself with my family, so I'm calling it a win. My hubby just told me he wants to do another turkey dinner on Sunday, but if we do, it'll be a healthier version that I can control lol.
Yay for free turkey btw :)
I was happy to see the scale down this morning, by a half pound. I'm just going to keep plugging along like 1200 calories of dessert didn't happen yesterday.