Monday, November 19, 2012

On Track.

My Monday morning class was let out early this week, as it often is. I usually head home in the break, or stay on campus to do some classwork for this or other classes. Today I found myself without much to do, and nothing to work on to prepare for my Monday afternoon class at 2:30pm.


I headed to the gym. I got in a very invigorating cardio workout, using my cycling playlist and an interval walking/running playlist.

Music is at the core of my workout success. I make new playlists at least every couple weeks to keep me motivated, and BPMs keep me on target for the rhythm of most cardio workouts. My cycling playlists has sprints, hill climbs, and everything in between. My interval playlists cycles between long-strided walks and running at a 10 minute mile pace and goes back and forth between the two.

I'll admit, I had some second thoughts about going to the gym because I am having THE BEST HAIR DAY. I decided not to wear a headband, and knew the sweat would bring out even MORE of my natural wave, so going to the gym enhanced the hair day, rather than ruin it. HOLLA!

Now I am home with enough time to have fixed myself a totally delicious lunch of fried tofu, sauteed carrots with sage and a small salad.

I'm so glad I took advantage of this opportunity. How would you use an extra hour in your day?

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