Friday, November 9, 2012

New Rules of Lifting for Women: Stage 1, Workout A

Whew. My thighs are still burning more than an hour later, and I can only anticipate the immense soreness I'll feel tomorrow morning when I try to get up to go to Zumba.

I popped 2 ibuprofen as a preventative measure.

Overall, my first workout with NRLFW went very well. It took me a minute or two to decide how I was going to do the squats. Because I was new to the Olympic bar, I decided to use the machine that keeps the bar steady with a hydraulic system so that you cannot move off the tracks. This helped me to focus on good form rather than attempting to balance the weights. I'll move off of this system in the near future once I have a better idea of what I'm doing.

You see, I've always lifted with free weights. Dumbbells. I love them. I think track machines rob you of using all the tiny little muscles we need to balance ourselves and move our bodies. I have not, however, used the big bars. Ever. So this is a learning experience for me.

I started my squats with 30lbs on each side, but I dropped it down to 25 on each side for the second set because I was a little worried I'd never finish the rest of the workout. (Squats came first.)

After that, things went smoothly. I was reminded that I'm terrible at push ups, and I really must figure out how to move away from doing them on my knees. I needed to complete 15 reps of a push up for each of 2 sets (in the middle of all that other lifting), so knees was the only way for me to do this. I think I will try to do 5 "military" style push ups next week prior to finishing up the 10 on my knees. This seems like a reasonable way to "up" things.

I did, for the first time, feel like I didn't belong in the weight portion of the gym. I felt this way only by ONE man, who made it very obvious that I was in the space he usually was in at that time by interrupting me by glaring at me in mirror and additionally telling me that I was using "his" step, and I should find another one. Hmmmm... I wasn't aware we could own things owned by the gym.

Either way, that guy is clearly a douche among normal folk, and I will remember to go about 20 minutes earlier next Friday so that I don't have to run into him and ruin his workout like he ruined mine.

Now that I am home, having had my mandatory whey protein shake, I'm heading off to class to sit in one place for 3 hours. I don't imagine the authors had that in mind after putting you through all that work, but we'll see how I fair.

How was your workout this morning?

***Edit: I am STARVING. Ravenous. All morning. I had my protein shake (my whey powder, a single serving portion of low-fat vanilla yogurt, a banana, and some ice), a Heart Thrive bar... actually 2 of those. They're high in fiber and protein, but vegan and gluten free - YAY. Downside - 4 points per portion, and I had both. I picked up some sushi at the coop for lunch, and ate 9 pieces. I'm still hungry. What gives?

I'm slightly worried that WW and NRLFW are going to be butting heads. The book (NRLFW) definitely said I'd need to eat more on days I work out, but I wonder how much? This will be an interesting experiment. It's 1:38pm and I only have 4 points left for the day (plus 10 banked APs and all 49 of my Weekly points+). I only earned 2 APs for my lifting this morning, and while I'm sure I burned more calories between now and then, they still aren't physical points+ there for me to eat.

I'm kind of excited//intrigued by how much play this will be this week.

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Tiffany Campiotti said...

I'll be going running sometime this afternoon :) Bummer you had a grumpy male to deal with at the gym :/
I love that you are concentrating on good form over increasing'll get more bang for your buck that way! Have a great weekend.