Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I'm hilariously in the hole for the week. I'm still trying to figure out how to balance the fact that I can't earn very many APs from my New Rules of Lifting for Women workouts, and the reality that I'm F-ING SORE in between them. Too sore to get in a "good" cardio workout.

I am trying to be as active as possible in every day life. I've been doing a lot of laundry a lot more frequently in an effort to move up and down the stairs more often to keep my muscles warm and stave off some of the aching. I've been parking far far far away from any errands I need to run, and I've been pacing a lot because it just generally hurts to sit down.

However, I've also been genuinely HUNGRY. I've torn up my muscles (in the good, safe way), and they need fuel to repair themselves. I could probably be making better and different choices, but I didn't. Plus, this is the first week of this adventure, so I'm still feeling out my body's response to the program. Apparently, so far, it's nearly 100 extra points+ that I've felt the need to consume, and that's crazy.

I grocery shopped yesterday in an effort to stock up on some lower point+ protein. I also prepared a few meals with my day off (Veteran's day! Yay!), and so those are quick grab options in the fridge now. I slow cooked some beef stew on the stove all day, which contains nothing more than red wine, a TBSP of olive oil, beets, carrots, parsnips and a few fresh herbs. It's totally delicious, and pretty low in points+. I also made a veggie stir fry, which when I entered it into the Recipe Builder in my Points Tracker, came out to only 2 points+ per serving, so I made some whole wheat couscous to bulk it up a bit (instead of rice, which is higher in points+, but not by too much).

I think I'll head back to the coop today because I forgot to fill my egg carton, and I could probably stand to grab some raw veggies for snacking now that most of my favorite fruits are out of season and apples are basically the only option. I've been talking about trying to eat less fruit lately, but haven't yet implemented that plan, so bell peppers seem like a perfect alternative. They're still sweet, still full of water, but they're not fruit. It's a good gateway.

And cucumbers.

I generally struggle with getting enough/a lot of protein because protein almost always involves cooking, which I don't have a ton of time for. Yogurt is my main source of protein, with 2-3 days a week of a cooked meal with lean protein like pork or chicken, and then I usually have eggs the other couple days a week.

Where do you get your protein? How do you fit it all in a busy schedule?


Tiffany Campiotti said...

I shoot for 125-150g of protein daily. Having a whey protein smoothie post workout has really helped me refuel so I don't get the "bottomless pit" syndrome lol. Bump up your Vitamin C intake (like bell pepper, leafy greens, kiwi & strawberry) to help with muscle soreness/repair (within 30 min post workout is optimal). Also, while you may feel too sore to do other stuff, usually once you get moving it gets easier. Tuna is a great way to get a good whack of protein, I eat it with cucumber slices. I use a little mayo and mustard but nothing crazy. Cottage cheese is easy too. Or cook up a turkey breast on Sunday to snack on through the week (lean turkey breast has one of the highest protein contents).
Hope that helps some :)

nic said...

YES! That's all fantastic advice.

I eat a ton of cottage cheese, and edamame (together).

The turkey breast is a great idea!

Doug said...

I've never done weight watchers or whatever, but is it possible the number of APs just aren't appropriate for the workouts you are doing? Can you adjust the number of points per workout and see how your body responds?

As for protein - eggs, cottage cheese, poultry, just try to add different seasoning so it doesn't get BORING. I used to do a lot of protein powder but I've been more in favor of unprocessed food lately so I've dropped that out. Hardboil a couple dozen eggs and you have a quick snack, cottage cheese is da bomb (if you get a good brand, they seem to be really hit or miss these days).

nic said...

Doug, with APs, they're basically swaps for the calories you burn. I wear a Polar HRM, so I'm getting accurate burn counts.

Weight lifting just doesn't burn the same amount (at the monitored time) as cardio. I know I"m burning more after (hence the STARVING HUNGER) but that's not something I can or should track.

Hardboiled eggs are totally a staple. They're a part of my lunch most days. Fantastic idea!