Monday, November 19, 2012

Countdown to Thursday...

Everyone is starting to talk about Thanksgiving!

Need recipes? Check here, here, here, and here.

I'm still trying to develop a plan. Thursday is when my Weight Watcher's week resets, so I'll have all the points I'm normally afforded for a week and no banked APs... next week will certainly be a week of running to catch up to the points+ I ate without earning them.

I'm going to take myself for a long overdue run on Thanksgiving morning. The gym will be closed. I haven't been running in a very long time, especially outside. I'm sure it'll be more of a walking/running/jogging/walking ordeal, but I'll just call that interval training so I feel more accomplished. :)

How are you getting ready for Thanksgiving?


Tiffany Campiotti said...

I was thinking about that this morning. I plan on running 5 miles that morning. My biggest problem is usually dessert, so I've decided I will pick 1 and really enjoy. Gma's rolls are another pitfall, but again, portion control. I'm not so much worried about Thanksgiving, but the days after. Limiting the indulgence to one day will be key. We can do this! :)

nic said...

VERY good point, Tiffany!

I tend to enjoy the sandwich I make out of leftovers more than the actual meal, so I will do my best to keep this in mind when I'm dishing myself up on Thursday.

I NEVER enjoy the feeling of being that stuffed, so I want to keep everything really really really balanced, and I'd rather enjoy the good wine my Uncle brings to the table than an extra helping of sides I don't even love that much (like mashed potatoes. Boring)