Sunday, October 28, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend.

Halloween weekend used to mean costume parties and bar-hopping, but the last few years it's been more about trick or treating and entertaining the kiddos. This weekend was no different. After a party for the young ones last night, we carved some pumpkins today and kept it low-key. 

Our little family dressed up as Plants Vs. Zombies characters and had a blast at Manpanion's sister's party for his niece Mayme. 

pea-shooter, sunflower, bucket head zombie.

I made some healthy(-ish) snacks for the party. 

apples + almond butter + mini marshmallows

And this afternoon, I carved my co-op's emblem into my pumpkin to further celebrate my commitment to healthy and local food. 


I definitely  may have gone a little overboard on the points+ last night in the face of delicious halloween-y snacks. I dipped my grubby little hands into the SmartPuffs, the kettle corn, and the tortilla chips, and had TWO hot dogs (no bun though). I skipped the delicious looking spider cupcakes and opted to eat two of my little apple mouths instead to get my sweet fix. I also had a beer. All in all, it was worth it. It's a holiday weekend, and I'll be at work while the kids are trick or treating, so I'll miss out on all the bite-sized temptation. I'm confident most of the candy will be gone by the time I return, and/or I'll be way too tired to steal from a 5-year-old. 

The rest of this WW week will be focused on earning APs to counteract the damage I did on Saturday night and attempting to eat clean. I don't have much food in the house, so I'll be scraping things together until I get the chance to grocery shop tomorrow night. I have a feeling I'll be visiting the Lund's salad bar tomorrow while on campus, which is already a great plan for lunch. 

How did your Halloween weekend go? 

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