Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I'm suffering from buyer's remorse. Not from the amazing haul I got when I shopped with a girlfriend today, but from the dessert I just ordered, finished, and barely enjoyed.

You see, Tuesdays we typically go out to eat with Manpanion's sisters and his mom. We go to The Birchwood Cafe, which is a very delicious, organic, health driven restaurant here in town. Here's what they had to offer tonight as far as main dishes:
I ordered the Veggies and Rice, 2nd one from the top. It was completely and totally delicious. I also ordered a cup of Tomato Herb soup. Also totally delicious. 

Everyone ordered dessert, so I wanted dessert. I ordered Strawberry Rhubarb Fig cobbler. After I'd ordered it, I tracked it. EEEK. 13 points for a cobbler. I better only eat half. 10 minutes into a conversation and the cobbler was gone. I ate all of it, and I barely had a chance to enjoy it. PLUS, 13 points! ZOMG. Dammit. 

I don't regret ordering dessert, I regret not taking the time to savor it, because I basically just threw 13 points on the ground and stomped on them. LESSON LEARNED. Plus, I'd rather have the conversation than the dessert, so I probably would have been just fine without cobbler as it is.

Monday, we spent some time raiding the garden at Paul's to take the last of the bounty for the season. Here's Oro eating all the tomatoes we're collecting. 

The Brussels sprouts are still small and growing. We're hopeful that a couple of frosts will make them sweeter, the way it apparently does with Kale. I have no idea about these things, that's just what Paul said, and he's the master gardener, so I trust him blindly. 

My week is winding down. Even with tonight's lame 13 point throw-away, I still have 28 weeklies in the bank, so I've eaten 21 points+ of my WPA.  I've earned 28 APs with my short workouts (30 minutes, 4x week + my steps count for work shifts) and I've eaten all of those as well. 

I'm not feeling confident about a loss this week, but I've learned not to expect much movement on the scale at this point in my journey. I feel great about how conscious I am of what I'm putting into my body, and how much effort I am putting into moving it and appreciating it. THAT'S the important progress to me. 


Tiffany Campiotti said...

That is important progress to focus on. Hate when I eat without really enjoying something. Tomorrow's a new day :)

erin said...

Ugh, desserts are my weakness! It has been eye-opening to see just how many points some of my favorites are.

nic said...

AHHHH, I know.

It's fun to search for the good ones though, like, you almost feel like a miracle worker when you can find a rich tasting, low-cal version of something.