Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weighing In - 10/25/2012

Previous weight: 159.0

Today's weight:  158.4

This week's results: -0.6lbs!

And... the Tracker for the week.

On Thursday, I definitely dipped into all the foods at work again. I'm not doing well with this goal. I'm at a loss for strategies. I'm drinking TONS of water at work, but I just want to snack. So far, no amount of snack I've brought with me has defeated little servings of soup and handfuls of fries. I did earn 10 APs on Thursday and swapped 7 of them with my snackiness, so I still stayed OP. Friday I earned 15 APs between the gym, work and a night of dancing with coworkers. This is the night I ruined my Saturday by accidentally drinking too much (because I'm a lightweight) and spending the very late/early morning hours spewing the spins into the toilet. TMI, eh? I swapped out 8 APs in alcohol, which I tracked, despite giving it up to the porcelain gods. Saturday was spent hungover and cursing the ruin of my favorite day of the week. Normally I'd head to Zumba and do all my lady-like things that help me get in a great mood for the week ahead. Instead, I stayed in bed until 4pm eating snacks, only getting up and out of bed to have a HUGE smokehouse dinner with Manpanion and then lay on the couch together watching The 5-Year Engagement and falling asleep. I had to earn back a bunch of APs that ended up being the 27 that I swapped this day. WOW. 
Sunday was a totally OP day where I actually ended the day with 5APs left over. I had picked up a short shift at work and managed to stay out of the fry bowl in exchange for a few pieces of baguette (which is my serious downfall). Luckily, baguette is a MUCH better choice than french fries. I was still worn out from Saturday and still full from the meal we had that evening. 
Monday was another stop out whilst shopping with Manpanion who needed pants more than I needed to eat a slice of chocolate cake, but both happened. I swapped out 13 APs for a Moscow Mule, a black bean quesadilla and a piece of chocolate cake. Dammit. Tuesday was another picked up shift day that ended with extra Daily Points. When I am shook out of my routine, I tend to leave the fries and baguette alone. I need to retrain my clock!
Finally, Wednesday netted 9 APs, but swapped 13. This was due, in part, to the dessert choice I made after an otherwise pretty OP day. I wanted yogurt and granola for dessert when I got home around 9pm, and that's what I had. Granola packs quite the pointy punch at 8 points+ for 1/2 a cup and I had a little more than that, so I would have ended at a perfect day, but instead I had the yogurt (4) and 9 points+ of granola. It was delicious, and I don't feel bad about my choice because granola brings far more nutrition to my body than ice cream. 
The week ended with 42 APs earned and swapped, and I ate 29 of my Weekly allowance. 
I celebrate the 42 APs I earned. I could have worked much harder, and I will this week. But if 42 APs is the lazy-woman's earnings, that is NOT half bad. 
I celebrate the ability to pick up 2 extra shifts, still get all my homework done, and not drive myself crazy. 
I celebrate the spirit I had to muster this last week as I faced some hard challenges in my personal life, amidst the extra work and 3 midterm exams. 
(which I got As on. All of them!)
I celebrate the 12th visit of the gym this month which earns me my medical insurance discount for October! I haven't gotten this in MONTHS! So psyched. 

This week I am going to focus on...
  • Positive Self-Talk. I spent a lot of time cursing myself and my choices this week. I want to do some reframing to be easier on myself and the challenges I face, but also to find ways to praise the things I AM doing right. I need to be kinder to me.
  • Morning Workouts.  I skimped out on the gym this week. I made TOM excuses and I made hangover excuses and I was at work sometimes when I'd normally be taking care of myself. It's time to get back to me. 
  • Get more sleep. I am doing a pretty good job with this goal, but I think it needs to be a staple in my routine. Between work, school, friends and my family, I don't get to log a lot of ZzzZs, but I need to do some balance and shifting of the schedule. 
  • Drinking my water. I set a goal of 2 water bottles a day for last week and hit it every time IF I included the water I sucked down at the gym. This week, I want to drink 2 bottles (mine is 32oz) outside of the gym, each day. 
I'm happy to see the scale inch in the right direction. I know that half a pound isn't some amazing loss, but it is a LOSS and that is all I'm hoping to see each week. I'm in no rush, I'm well aware (10 years in) that this journey is for a lifetime. I'll be chipping away at this FOR-EV-ER, and being conscious of all of these things is the most important part. 

So, if you were me, constantly faced with fries and finding them irresistible, what would be your next step? Do you have any advice for me? What might be a great replacement snack? Help a sister out. 

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Tiffany Campiotti said...

With all the stuff you had going on this week, your loss is great!
What about Veggie Straws as a french fry replacement? Another great snack option is Beanitos (the black bean ones are my favorite). Just a couple thoughts I had :)