Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weighing In - 10/11/2012

Previous weight: 158.6

Today's weight:  159.0

This week's results: +0.4lbs


So, let's take a look at my Tracker from this last week:

Thursday I had a big breakfast scramble and earned 3 APs at the gym. I did go a little overboard at work by eating an entire bowl of soup that may as well have been a bowl of heavy cream. And some baguette. AND the lunch and snacks I brought myself. I earned 6 APs from my pedometer steps and I ate a reasonable dinner when I returned home and had some peppermint tea instead of raiding the freezer for dessert, which is what I wanted to do.  Friday, I stopped to grab some groceries at the co-op and stopped at the hot bar to get myself some lunch after my AM class. I made a terrible choice of a super cheesy salmon pasta that just sounded too good in my starving state. I tracked it as something Olive Garden would offer, since they're insane. I bet I didn't track enough though. I had a very reasonable evening of food at work, eating the veggies and chicken I brought myself for dinner, but I did cave and eat a bratwurst that we were featuring in our dinner entree. I had earned 3 APs on my gym trip in the morning, and 5 more through pedometer steps at work. 
Saturday I made myself a large breakfast with the steelhead trout gravlax I brought home from work, and a small amount of cream cheese. This was all measured and tracked accurately. I had a great time at Zumba and earned 5 APs. I ate really well all day and treated myself to a beer and  a glass of wine in the evening while catching up with Paul.

Sunday was a harder day for me. I was feeling very "blah" all day. I couldn't get into Zumba and left early with only 4 APS instead of the regular 5. Paul (Manpanion) made me a very thoughtful egg white breakfast, and I did well at lunch. All in all, the meals were totally OP and the day only went sour when I dished myself a HUGE bowl of ice cream and dumped some granola on it, when I knew I didn't really "earn" that treat for the week. I'd been drinking and treating myself every day. That needs to end. As for Monday, I made the boys dinner and added tons of cheese to it, and also drank some bourbon and apple cider. Again, with the treating. I also didn't work out at all, so I earned 0 APs.  Tuesday, we went to the Birchwood for our semi-weekly dinner. I chose well, but again with the wine. I also skipped the gym in favor of 30 day Shred and saving a little time. That workout only netted me 2 APs, but a lot of pain on Wednesday. I eat about half a loaf of baguette at work. I just couldn't get enough. I knew that WI was today, but I just wanted bread. The seasonal change is always hard for me and I just want to get as many carbs as possible. I also ate a bagel with cream cheese and a few french fries. These were all tracked, but still. COME ON. I earned 8 APs with my pedometer steps at work. 
So, AGAIN, I didn't make a lot of awesome choices this week. I need to figure out a different reward system than alcoholic treats. I do love a glass of wine or a cocktail at night, because it's a really nice way for me to unwind with Manpanion if we're lucky enough to find ourselves together, but if I'm going to do that, I need to reign in the eating and make better choices. 

This week I am going to focus on...
  • Not eating french fries at work. Again. This is a big battle for me. 
  • Morning Workouts.  Again. And putting effort into them. I have such a short amount of time to workout these days between work and school; a half hour at best. I need to dig to bust through as many calories as possible in that time. 
  • Get more sleep. This is a huge issue for me. I generally get up around 5:30am and go to bed around 11pm. That's not a lot of sleep to begin with, and it leaves me with A LOT of hours that I'm awake and therefore snacking, wanting to snack, eating, etc. It's tough to make 26 points stretch over 18 hours. I'd like to go to bed earlier and get up just a little later. 
TOM is coming up next week, and I'm sure that will become a factor also, but I'm not too worried about it. I'm celebrating the fact that I've been tracking for a month, blogging for a month, and investing in myself for a decent chunk of time. 

Now that you see a part of my routine, and how I struggle with eating crap at work, what would YOU do? 


Missy said...

I kinda feel like a +0.4 is a maintain. You can go up or down by that amount any given moment... Good goals for this week - I think sleep makes such a difference.

Good luck keeping your hand out of the french fry bowl. I remember my serving days - man, that was a challenge!

Tiffany Campiotti said...

I agree with Missy. +0.4 is a maintain and sleep is a biggy. This next week will be better. Keep moving forward :)