Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weighing In - 10/04/2012

Previous weight: 160.4
Today's weight:  158.6

This week's results: -1.8lbs!


Let's take a look at my Tracker from this last week:

Thursday I had a big lunch at work and between the gym and tracking my steps at work, I earned 11 APs. All in all, a successful day. Friday was spent on a long drive to Madison for the wedding weekend. I had a protein rich breakfast that was low in points, and we packed very healthy car snacks. That evening, we went out and I treated myself to a martini. The 5 APs were earned between the gym in the morning and walking through Madison that evening. Saturday was, of course, the wedding. That explains all of those. We biked to and from the wedding, which was about 8 miles. 8 miles round trip. 4 miles only takes about 15-20 minutes, so WW only gave me a small amount of APs for that trip each time, and I think this is where my success comes in for the week. The ride was literally uphill both ways, which is ridiculous, and we rode very fast and I rode in high heeled boots. Probably worth more than the 1-2 APs I earned for it. We did a lot of walking again that night, and Madison is apparently a pretty German oriented town, so there weren't a lot of beers that sounded appealing to me. That made keeping the booze low a pretty easy option. 

Sunday we had breakfast out, again, out of necessity. I ordered a la carte this time and kept the points very reasonable. I also skipped the Bloody Mary I'd had the prior morning, even though it was delicious. Every day can't be a wedding celebration! The rest of Sunday was spent in the car, far less enthusiastically this time. I may or may not have purchased a pack of Peanut Butter M&Ms at a gas station, and that explains that. As for Monday, I just wasn't in to it for the day. We had dinner out with Paul's dad on Tuesday, where I ordered the most reasonable entree available. It was boring and not at all satisfying, which led to me ordering a glass of wine and dessert. Later, after the planetarium, we went out for a beer. So there was the splurge there.  Wednesday I dipped into the french fry bowl a million times at work. Actually, I only had 18 fries. I kept a tally. That doesn't seem like a lot of fries but it is a LOT OF POINTS. Don't eat french fries that aren't planned. Man oh man. 

So, I didn't make a lot of awesome choices this week, but I never went all the way over my points. I still lost! I don't want to make the excess a habit, but I feel prepared now, and back into my routine, separate enough from the wedding weekend. 

This week I am going to focus on...
  • Not eating french fries at work. This is tough! Salt is so good. I work at the airport, which is extremely fast paced. People flood in pre-flight and RUSH out ("I'm kind of in a hurry, I have a flight to catch..") at the same time. There's about a 20 minute lull between rushes where we replenish everything and get ready for the next batch of travelers. People are often assholes, and assholes in a hurry are dangerous. So, I grab at fries for energy. I always pack snacks, so I need to just NIX the fries. Eat a carrot, Nicole. Eat a carrot. 
  • Morning Workouts.  It is really easy for me to talk myself out of working out in the evening. I need to get my activity in during the AM hours or the very early afternoon if that's even an option (which it's usually not). If I can get to the gym before work or class, I'm gold. 
  • Eat at home. After that whirlwind week of dinners out and drinks out and being out of my element in general, it's time to reign it back in and cook. I am completely aware of what goes in to food I prepare with my own two hands. 


Tiffany Campiotti said...

Great loss...exactly the same as mine :) Keep up the good work. Great goals too...

Missy said...

Great loss this week!! And it looks like you have a clear perspective on what you'd like to work on. Good for you!! said...

Awesome job! Keep it up! I loved getting into the 150s!

Sunny said...

you're doing great! love your goals for the week! i need to work on eating at home more. but it's not as fun as eating out!! ;)