Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week end end.

A great weekend! Saturday's self-care ritual involved a great haul of veggies from the farmer's market and a very bouncy, smiley bought of Zumba. I brought a 2oz serving of steelhead trout gravlax home with me from work on Friday night and I turned it into a delicious egg white scramble with .5oz of cream cheese. YUM. I brought half of the veggies over to Paul's where we chopped, roasted, and ate the hell out of them.

and maybe also drank a bottle of wine. And maybe also by "maybe also," I mean mostly me. YAY! It was worth it. I haven't been drinking much since my return to Weight Watchers, because I'm still trying to learn to eat within my points, but as I'm getting more comfortable, I'm in. I prioritized wine last night, and had only veggies for dinner (and oil), with a couple slices of deli meat. I loved it. I put the veggies in the recipe builder to be sure I was accountable for the AMOUNT I was eating. A lot of people on WW will simply add everything to the tracker, because veggies are 0 pointsplus. When you build a recipe in the "Recipe Builder," it takes into account the nutritional information of everything, rather than just giving you veggies and fruits for free. I know there are still calories, especially in starchy root veggies, so my plate of roasted roots was 4 pointsplus. I tracked it. 

I went to Mighty Swell, a local vintage pop-up shop, and found myself a new dress and this fun hoodie. The weather is turning chillier here, and I don't have much to keep myself warm. I also found Manpanion the most awesome bright red shirt with red pearl snaps that fits him like a glove.

Sunday is my cooking day. After studying from 10am to 4:30pm and attending an evening class of Zumba, I got down to it. Here's what I made:
I had the brussels sprouts and acorn squash for dinner, and the other half of those dishes will turn into this delicious sounding hash. 

This week will involve some very strict planning for meals with LOTS of open room for snacks. I have TWO very challenging exams this week, and I'm prepared with volume snacks (popcorn, grapes, baby carrots, lollipops) on hand for any stress eating that might sneak in.

What do YOU do when you're coming up on a very busy stressful week? 

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Tiffany Campiotti said...

Love roasted brussel sprouts! Good job having a plan for the week ahead. I sat down today and came up with a variation of my workout schedule and also went shopping and stocked the house with veggies and staples for the week ahead. Have a wonderful week!