Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weighing In - 10/18/2012

Previous weight: 159.0

Today's weight:  159.0

This week's results: +/- wash.

Hey, I'll take it! It was a weird week, and I suspect I actually lost and did myself in with yesterday's salty antics.

My Tracker for the week:

Thursday I came in at a perfect 26 points+. That's my daily target, that's where I should try to stick around. In addition to a great eating day, I also earned 14 Activity Points. A DAMN GOOD DAY. Friday did not go as well. While I earned 7 APs, I got into a bit of a snack zone, and then I ate half a loaf  some baguette bread at work. However, I swapped all 7 APs and used 1 more from the previous day which had been banked away, so not too shabby there! Saturday. Oh Saturday. I had a great workout at Zumba, earning 6 APs and the first half of the day went very well. I had a low point breakfast and a low point lunch, but ran into a snag when I unwittingly attended a pizza party that I thought was just going to be snack based. I made kale chips to share, and I made some of my PB2 popcorn, but I just couldn't resist the pizza and I used 16 points on it. WHOOPS. 
Sunday was our trip to the apple orchard. I think we all misjudged how long we'd be there, and so I had to eat lunch on the orchard out of necessity. I chose to get a hot dog and tossed the bun, but snacked on some Sun Chips as well because the nutirtional info was readily available on the little bag. I had a very unfilling 9 point lunch. Later that night, we made that delicious squash pizza which ended up being on the higher points side and we also made a delicious roasted apple + ice cream dessert. An indulgent day all around with limited activity to counter it. 
Monday ended up being a pretty OP day! Monday is a very routine day for me, where I have class almost all day, and then I typically grocery shop and prepare a good meal. That's what happened there. We went square dancing in the evening and I wore my HRM to the event for the first time ever. I paused it whenever we were not actively engaged in a dance and it netted me 6 APs! I like Mondays. Tuesday I had a great workout in the AM, stayed on track through lunch and had an emotional upset that sent me into a binge spiral. I ate a bunch of weird stuff and tracked it all, but I definitely regret that happening. It's been many many (many) years, and I'll still throw a temper tantrum silently by stuffing my face. I felt ill afterwards. And then on Wednesday I had to sample a whole bunch of stuff from our new menu at work. When I say "had to," I truly mean that. We take food pretty seriously and knowing the ins and outs of the menu is integral to my service providing. That added up REALLY REALLY fast, and I wasn't even hungry when I got home. No dinner needed. 

So, I swapped ALL of my activity points for the week and dipped 9 points into the Weekly bank. 
I celebrate the 50 APs I earned. I worked hard and moved my body often. 
I celebrate the 2 totally amazing (Thursday and Monday) OP days I had. 
I celebrate tracking every morsel of my babyish binge on Tuesday. 

This week I am going to focus on...
  • Not eating french fries at work. Again. Again. AGAIN. 
  • Morning Workouts.  Again. I've been having a fantastic time making new playlists for self-motivated activity like walking, running, cycling and step-milling. When I can move to a cadence or a beat, I am way more effective and into my workout. 
  • Get more sleep. This is still an issue, though I definitely did make a conscious effort to log more ZZZzzzs this week and it worked. I'm not sure it gave me more energy, but my mind felt a bit sharper. 
  • Drinking my water. I'm typically pretty good about this, but I've been falling behind as the weather gets colder. I always have a water bottle with me, I just need to remember to actually drink it. 
  • Keeping TOM in check. It's that time again, and I haven't made my trip to stock up on volume snacks to keep me safe. I'll be doing that tomorrow after my morning workout. 
Maybe, just maybe, the scale will move down a bit next week. Do any of you have secrets for staying on track/losing during TOM? I'd love to hear. 


Tiffany Campiotti said...

Good job analyzing and coming up with solutions for the "next time".
TOM is approaching for me too, I'm finding that the "cleaner" I eat the rest of the month, the easier my PMS symptoms are. Exercising is also a big component. Just getting out for an easy walk helps stave off food issues.

nic said...

How do you motivate yourself to get out for a walk? It's so clammy and rainy and chilly here! SO MUCH EASIER to cuddle up in bed.

Sunny said...

maintaining is way better than gaining!! :) i love making kale chips, they're so good!