Saturday, October 13, 2012

On Loving Peanut Butter.

I was just going to sit down and write a post dedicated to a new product, when I discovered that Tiffany at Skinny Jeans and a Healthy ME had already beat me to it!

I'll charge ahead anyhow.

I recently discovered PB2. I'd heard of it years ago, but I assumed it was chemical bullshit like most low-fat foods tend to be. Only recently, when searching for a way to make kettle corn at home without a ton of oil did I do some research. Someone mentioned using PB2 as a popcorn topping. I thought "Hmmm, that sounds pretty delicious, I should check into this again." Turns out, it's just ground, dried peanuts. Without the oil, the fat basically disappears. So I bought a jar on Amazon, along with a Choco/PB flavor.

My first experiment with the PB2:
You mix PB2 with water to get peanut "butter." Or, you can mix it with ANYTHING. 

mmmmm... gluten free muffin tops. 

 divide and conquer. 

 and some banana to bulk it up.

PERFECT solution to an afternoon sweets craving. 

According to my tracker, and the WW rules that fruit is free (which I'm still getting used to) this snack is a 5 points+ treat. The muffin tops are a moderate indulgence for me at 4 points+ a piece, and I don't generally WANT chocolate very often, so it's easy to keep away from them, but chocolate AND peanut butter? Hard for me to resist. 

I'm excited to think about the idea that I could make a mock peanut butter shake with a little almond milk and ice, or sprinkle the PB into ice cream to change up the flavor. 

My other new product discovery is the NordicWare Popcorn Popper.  This awesome thing is really just a BPA free bowl with a lid, but the material heats evenly (and without CANCER!) and the lid has a special venting system. The bottom line is: I can make popcorn without oil, and without all the plastic and paper waste that comes with 100 calorie bags of popcorn at the store. Plus, bulk popping corn is SO CHEAP. SO so cheap. Many servings for under $1. BAM. 

I gave this baby a shot and it made perfect air-popped popcorn for me, which I grazed on while watching Gossip Girl instead of reading 76 pages on gender studies. 

It's Saturday, which leaves me at home, still sweating from my amazing Zumba workout. I've skipped the Farmer's Market this morning because a) I don't need any food, and b) it is cold and drizzly out today in Minneapolis. It's a perfect day to drink too much coffee and read all those pages I was supposed to read while I was watching Gossip Girl. 

Do you have any recent discoveries to share? I'm always looking for new products that will change my world. 

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Tiffany Campiotti said...

That is HILARIOUS! Great minds and such lol.
Your creation looks amazing...much more inventive than I've gotten with my PB2.