Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Listening in.

Catching up on blogs this morning, I have more than 50 tabs open in Chrome. I'm reading, ladies & gentlemen, and I know you are too! The page views have grown, so feel free to say "Hi" and break free from the lurking habit!

I had a rough day yesterday, and because my motivation is low, I'd rather point you toward some positive information! So I'll use my blog reading to perhaps bulk up your blog roll, get you some great recipes, or point you toward something far more profound than I could conjure up today.

Sheryl blows my mind by discussing Easy vs Hard and the language we use throughout our journey.

Snack Girl, Elana, Gina and Lauren are talking about stirring up delicious treats with pumpkin.  YUM.

Tiffany is singing the praises of green tea.

Jen discusses the support she finds in her relationship and opens up the bigger question, "what is support?"

Becky OWNS a whole bunch of things and reminds us all that she is [and the rest of us are] enough, and Cammy falls on a similar point of deserving to be loved no matter what.

Shelli is talking about tattoos, which reminded me of the tattoo I still plan [hilariously] to get at goal weight...
WW for Wonder Woman and Weight Watchers. HOLLA. 

Roni is detaching from the number on the scale and asking how you feel about what you see when you weigh in. 

The Calorie Count Blog is reminding us of 5 mistakes we often overlook on our weight loss journeys.

MizFit makes N.E.A.T. her life in some of the most fun ways possible.

What are some of your favorite bloggers talking about this week?


Jogging on Coffee said...

Thank you so much for following me :) I just found your blog and added it to my reading list!

Tiffany Campiotti said...

This is a great post :)
P.S. That tattoo is hilarious lol