Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I didn't quite hear that...

I've been doing a lot of listening to my body this week, trying to be kind to myself during TOM. Unfortunately, I keep thinking my body is saying "SALT // SUGAR PLS!" So, I'm not sure how well this week is going.

I still have 25 weeklies left, and I have been kind of wimpy on the workouts, with only 29 APs so far this week. I skipped workouts this weekend because I may have accidentally gotten obliterated on Friday night. I may have also lost my non-existent dinner after dancing it up. Luckily, that part came way later after I'd gotten home (safely). I honestly thought about not tracking half of the drinks (which were only 3, anyway!) because I threw up, but that seems irresponsible (kind of like getting drunk enough to throw up).

There's nothing that helps you to feel like an adult more than the way you feel after a night of drinking when you're old. If you're 21-24, you do not KNOW what a hangover is. Wait a decade... it really paralyzes you for the day. Saturday was useless.

Because I'm skipping my workout today because I have a headache, I decided to at least make a decent breakfast.

Delicious brussels sprouts and an egg. I also cut up some apples and green pepper to take with me in my snack pack for work later tonight, a shift I picked up unexpectedly. 

Tuesday is generally my day to do all of my homework, but I somehow managed to do that yesterday in a long break between classes, so I'm feeling extremely productive. 

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