Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Remember yesterday when I was talking about having a hard time getting my mojo back?

Well, that trailed with me all day and into the night.

I splurged on dinner because someone else was buying and it didn't even taste good. Fail.

To compensate, I drank a big ol' glass of wine and justified dessert.

After the planetarium, I wanted to continue being social so Manpanion and I went out for some beers at The Happy Gnome, which has one of the best draft lists EVER. I love dark dark dark beer and they always have it. So, I also had a beer.

Looking over my Weekly Point Tracker this morning, I'm feeling a little eater's remorse. I Weigh-In tomorrow morning and I only have 5 weekly points left, no activity left, and I didn't even earn the activity amount I was shooting for.


Putting a positive spin on things is a practice I'm exercising. So, I'm disappointed in my performance this week. Acceptable.

It's just one week. I went to a wedding! I celebrated my friends! I allowed for more than 2 social outings in the same week which led to a splurge in points. GOOD FOR ME! I have friends.

I am still OP. I am NOT over what I have been granted in points, nor what I have earned by being active. WIN.

Life happens! I had a bunch of fun. WIN.


Fresh start. Can't wait.

P.S. the planetarium was awesome. Check it out:
In order to reserve the planetarium for a private viewing, we needed to be an official "Group." So, we coined ourselves the MN Astronomy Enthusiasts United and made ourselves these pins to seem more legit. 

all the things we've found outside of our galaxy

shadow puppets

control panel


Tiffany Campiotti said...

I think your reframing is great. For the rest of our lives there will be "events". There has to be a balance. You have a small amt of wiggle room left in your points, you had a nice time with some friends. Win, Win in my opinion. Push the water hard today and hope for the best at weigh in tomorrow. And keep going.
The planetarium looks amazing btw :)
Have a great day!

nic said...

Thank you SO much for being a loyal commentator. Man, do I appreciate it. Really keeps me motivated.