Friday, October 12, 2012

Back on Track.

Things that are good:

I hit my Daily Points Target on the head yesterday. I get 26 points+ per day, and that's exactly what I ate. I also earned 14 APs between my 4AP gym excursion and the 10 APs I received for the 7 miles I walked at work as per my pedometer.

I received my new sports bras in the mail yesterday! I am a HUGE fan of Moving Comfort sports bras. Specifically the Fiona style. I've had them for 7 years, and I recently needed to go down a band size again. Here's a secret: there is a website that sells them for super cheap.  It looks super shady, like it is run by a 12 year old, but I promise you, I've been buying (and consequently receiving) bras from them for YEARS. Quick shipping, deep discounts. Go for it! Thank me later.

Fiona by Moving Comfort. Best Sports Bra EVER.

Manpanion scored a bunch of Flavor Grenade pluots at the Eastside Coop. These are my all-time favorite fruit. They're only in season for most of August and September. SOMEONE had a late batch and he snagged almost all of them. I AM EXCITE.


I picked up a shift on Saturday night, which will help me to both make a little money and prevent me from spending even more. Sunday we're headed out to an apple orchard with the family. There's a petting zoo and a hayride and we'll pick pumpkins and gather apples. This is one of my favorite activities every year, so you can definitely expect a picture update on that one.

What has you pumped for the weekend?

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Tiffany Campiotti said...

I love that bra and site :) I really need to order a new one myself, but have been lazy. I bought an UnderArmor one and it's nowhere near as great as the MC Fiona!
Have a great weekend!