Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rituals : Self-Care Saturdays

With the current semester of school, I've managed to create a work schedule that provides for weekends off. And with weekends off comes a little self-care time to prep for the busy week ahead. 

I'm a walking dichotomy. I love adventures, but I am also very much a creature of habit. I prefer [many] things to be predictable. Knowing what to expect takes a lot of anxiety out of my life. 

Hence, Rituals. 

My Saturday morning Ritual has become: 
  • Wake up unassisted. No alarms allowed. This, for me, typically ends up being around 7:30am as a "sleeping in" time. Yes, I'm a freak. 
  • Linger over morning coffee. This is my favorite time to catch up on blogs, pinterest, and read the news. I also check the weather so that I'm able to dress accordingly for my...
  • Trip to the gym. My gym offers Zumba at 9:45am on Saturdays. I LOVE to Zumba. Not only is it incredibly hilariously fun, but it's a great workout. I am also always proud to be in the gym during Zumba to experience the vast array of shapes and ages participating in the activity together. It truly is for EVERYONE. 
  • Visit the Farmer's Market. Literally across the street from my YWCA is the Midtown Farmer's Market. I live in Midtown. That's the neighborhood in Minneapolis that rests smack dab in the middle. I love it here. I also love my mini-farmer's market. Here's my haul from today:  

$10 netted: acorn squash, butternut squash, 6 sweet onions, 5 delicious bell peppers, and a giant stalk of brussels sprouts. 

I just love how cool these plants are. AND TASTY!

It's a chilly morning here in Minneapolis. A perfect day to catch up on some homework and make butternut squash soup and roasted brussels sprouts. 

Do you have a Saturday morning ritual to kick off the weekend right? 

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Tiffany Campiotti said...

I think your Saturday ritual sounds fabulous :)
With 3 kids my Saturday is a bit different. Hubby works Saturdays too, so no help. Sundays tend to be my day for self care, as I get to go for a solo run.
Keep up the good work!