Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Long term... realistically.

That's what's up. I've been on track for 6 days, tracking every morsel of food, even the sneaky cooking bites and grocery store samples.

Tracking my re-starting weight in my spreadsheet reminded me that I've put on 10 pounds since last year. I'm not beating myself up about it.

Sometimes, life transitions are way more of a priority than my weight loss journey. I've been incredibly successful over the last year, so let's celebrate.

  • I completed a full year of school maintaining a 4.0 GPA and only gained 10 pounds. I hear freshman generally put on 15, so I'm already ahead of the game. 
  • I quit smoking!
  • I quit my job and took on a more physically active one. 
I'm very excited, also, because my BFFffffFFFFFfff has ALSO rejoined and recommitted to Weight Watchers, meaning I get to gab and blab and get tips from her. Together we lost almost 100lbs, so I'm quite confident we can shed these few that have crept up on us. 

So... when you're full of motivation and recommitment, what's your first point of order? Come up with rewards? Restock the kitchen? What should I be doing? 


Tiffany Campiotti said...

Definitely restock the kitchen! I also like to sit down and come up with a reasonable exercise plan. For me exercise and food go hand in hand. If I don't do both, I have a difficult time staying on track for any length of time.
Go get 'em :)

getting_fit_in_the_city said...

Welcome back, can't wait to follow your progress

Cindy said...

I am obsessed with rewards. I bought a pair of shoes for my 20 lbs. loss and am giving them to a friend to hold onto for me.

Admittedly, I am totally allowing myself a pumpkin spice latte for my first 10 loss (2 lbs away!). I know I shouldn't reward myself with that, but I get to what I want. :)

Good luck, my dear! Let's go on a walk or something soon.

Doug said...

Let's do it :) I was tracking again until the night-time-stuff-my-face started happening.