Wednesday, September 26, 2012

family dinner

Dinner at Paul's with his sisters, their significant others, their kids and his mom last night. We made Spinach Lasagna Rolls from Skinnytaste. They were delicious. Her recipe says 6p+ per serving, but ours were 7p+.

(Manpanion snacking on noodles)

It was totally fine that the recipe turned out to be more than I expected, and I even ate 2 servings because I spent some extra time at the gym yesterday because it just felt good.

I earned 6 Activity Points and I basically did nothing but snack on raw veggies and fruit all day. Like these:

I got back to the gym this morning for a short 30 minute session where I earned 3 Activity Points. 

Today is a work day for me, which means 8 hours of constant standing and walking and lifting. I typically earn about 6-8 APs at work, which I track with a pedometer and enter into the Plan Manager by "Adding Steps" and then clicking "Active," to specify that this wasn't my daily total. 

Tomorrow is weigh in day! 


Missy said...

I need to spend some time perusing the Skinny Taste website... Those looked great!

What was the fruit/veggie in the container?!? I don't think I've ever seen it before.

nic said...

AHHH! Missy, those are fresh figs, and they're totally amazing.

They're not even fruit! They're flowers, and in the inside, each little ball is ALSO A FLOWER. You're eating like 934893849 flowers, and they taste like sugar.

Tiffany Campiotti said...

Love, love, love figs! Yum :)
Happy weigh-in tomorrow.