Friday, September 21, 2012


I'm still reeling from my THREE POUND LOSS this week and I'm so psyched about the week to come!

While it happened by chance on the day that I was motivated enough to recommit (and subsequently sign up and pay for...) Weight Watchers, I am very glad to have Thursday as my weigh-in day. It seems close enough to the weekend that I'll be motivated enough to stay on track, yet far enough away from any damage that may or may not occur that I can spend the beginning of the work week working my butt off in the AP (activity point) category.

I have a decent plan for the week ahead, but I'll be throwing a wrench in over next weekend when some of my friends get married. This means a mini-road trip for me and my Manpanion. That also means eating out at restaurants for a weekend, and of course... weddings. Wine. Unplanned meal. Cake.

In my attempt to arm myself, the Manpanion and I have decided to bring our bikes with us to Wisconsin (which is where we're headed) so that we can ditch the car and get around on two wheels. That will help with some activity, but the excitement of a different town always gets the best of me. I've solicited the groom for restaurant recommendations, with the hidden agenda to find the one with the tastiest sounding healthy option, and I also plan to bring my jump rope. The jump rope is and always has been my travel plan. It takes up almost no room, and 10 minutes of jump rope, which is hilarious to do, typically burns as many calories as a 1 mile run for me.

Help me plan! What would be your Wisconsin Wedding strategy?


Tiffany Campiotti said...

That's tough! The bikes and jump rope are good ideas. While eating out I usually try to stick with veggies and lean protein. Salads, if they aren't loaded with a bunch of junk are usually a good option too (but you know all this). The thing is, there's ALWAYS going to be, for the rest of our lives, "special occasions". Figuring out how to enjoy these times without coming off the rails for the next 3 weeks is important. For me, I have to stay away from the sweets or I have a hard time recovering. If you can have a small piece of cake and move on, go for it. If you think it might send you off the rails right now, abstain.
Have a great weekend!
P.S. I love Thursday weigh-in too!

Missy said...

Plan light stuff throughout the day - lean protein, fruit, veggies - and then ENJOY the wedding. Indulge in what you want to indulge in - but don't feel like you have to indulge in it all. If you want a few drinks, lay off the cake (wedding cake isn't usually that good anyway). Or if you love CAKE skip the rolls and potatoes at dinner. But more than anything just enjoy yourself. It's one day/weekend - don't guilt yourself about it!