Wednesday, July 4, 2012

bad habits.

Yesterday I ran across this article discussing our, for lack of a better word, fucked-up relationship with food.

I was definitely raised to eat fast, because if I didn't, my older siblings would take all of the desirable foods from the table. Additionally, in elementary school, my brother and I learned to eat all of the "bad food" (candy, cakes, etc etc) before our mother returned home from work.

These childhood routines helped form my adult relationship with food, and as such, I gained a lot of weight by eating whatever I wanted, and as much of it as I could get. When I joined Weight Watchers for the cycle that stuck, I changed my relationship with food gradually and drastically over a five year period. It's because of that that I am proud to say I have kept most of the weight off all of these years.

I am definitely still guilty of three of the five pitfalls listed in the article. Mindless munching, stress feeding and eating WAY too fast. I know most of these things about myself, and have adjusted my eating habits to sort of... fit them in.

Mindless munching, I try to reach for volume foods when I know I just want to eat a lot. Popcorn, carrots, melon... things I can eat handfuls of and not feel guilty. This rolls right into stress feeding, as this is typically the only time I tend to reach for food over and over and over again.

The speed of consumption however, I struggle with a great deal.

How do you slow down to really enjoy your food?

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