Thursday, April 14, 2011

Laundry and a Rant.

Last night I stayed in to get a few things done around the house.

I organized my office, which has been a monkey on my back for a few months now. I've just been making piles of things that have no rhyme or reason and I can't find a damn thing when I need it, which is ruining my high efficiency. Tackled. Done. Organized.

I also had to do laundry, which ended up being a small NSV (non-scale victory) as it was 80% workout clothes and 20% underwear and the only pair of jeans that currently fit me. That means I'm doing a good job.

I made myself a little dinner.

Organic Field Day Linguine with Asparagus and fresh Parmesan. Poached Egg. Greens with oil and vinegar.

I also made it back to the gym today after my sudden rest day on Tuesday. I did some more strength training, but a faster version of my "real" workout. A different one. It involves many squats and lunges, but is just less focused on using heavy weights. It's more of a toning strength training session using a medicine ball and lot of my own body resistance. It was still difficult, especially on sore muscles, so I felt accomplished.

As I sat around in my PJs catching up on some blogs, I can't help but find myself outraged by the amount of weightloss bloggers using terms like "shameful" or "horrible" or any of these outright negative adjectives about being overweight. How do you think that feels to someone reading your blog who has not yet begun their journey to get healthy? You're basically telling all of us who are overweight that we should feel terrible for where we are...

Guess what?

That doesn't work.

Shaming and demeaning and beating yourself up doesn't get you any closer to healthy

You know what does? Loving where you are. Accepting it.

Appreciating your body for even it's simplest of functions like pumping blood or breathing air.

If you can't accept where you are, you'll never get to where you want to be. Acceptance and love gives you the power to make real change. You might think I'm stupid for saying that, but it's true. I know a thing or two about this after a decade on this journey.

Get positive or get out of my blogroll. I will be deleting many blogs in the near future if this trend continues.

Ending note: I accept all of you where you are. I wish you would do the same for yourself and everyone else.


Adrienne said...

i totally agree! i delete the negative ones and the ones full of excuses! i make excuses on my own, i don't wanna read about others' excuses!

Me said...

I wonder how big your blog roll would be if you deleted every blog that had a negative post! Let's be honest here, most bloggers will never reach goal weight, the average loss per month is hardly anything. I guess people's attitude on their blogs reflects that.