Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I didn't even touch on the billions of other things happening in my life, that are perhaps a source of joy feeding into the ease of this last month's eating and exercise.

My totally amazing manpanion (boyfriend, but a better word) have surpassed a year of dating. My project to be single for all of 2010 failed somewhere around March. No problem though, because this man has infinitely inspired me to make so many amazing changes. He's challenging in a positive way, and he brings so much joy.

I am going "back" to school. Those are the wrong terms, as that may give you the impression I have already been to college, received a bachelors degree and now I'm going back to pursue a new passion. No. I skipped that whole college phase of life and went straight to work. And while I've been wildly successful in my own mind, having gotten where I am with no education after High School, I have way bigger dreams. So I'll be headed TO school in the fall, starting that college phase a decade too late (Whatever. It's never too late) and taking way longer than it would have had I gone straight after graduation. I'll be working full time and schooling full time, which ought to make the rest of my life interesting in comparison. I'll have to become a genius expert in organization. In about another decade I should be starting a PhD program. That's after I get my BS and Masters degrees. And however long after that, I'll be a doctor of love. Literally. I will be studying human relationships and sex, to be a practicing and continued research doctor. I am interested in lifting the blanket of shame this culture cultivates around sex, specifically in and for women. There are a variety of paths I'm interested in. Sex and Pleasure after sexual trauma. Finding sexual confidence through body changes (weight gain, having a baby, et al), the options are endless, and it's still a far way away. Those 2 things really drive the every day. My life is neat, and I am neat by comparison.


Special Edit for Jen and Alexa. I mentioned on Twitter this morning that I "had photographic evidence" of what a year of living on the 3rd floor has done for my booty. They questioned as to why I would have photographic evidence.

Well, dear readers, this time last year in a bout of flirting there was a picture email game with my manpanion. Like HORSE in basketball, but with photographs. Tit for tat, if you will. Either way, noticing the date, I decided to take a similar picture, though it's a slightly different angle. Red = 2010, Stripes = 2011. Round and out there and by MY definition, a little higher.

Sir Mix-A-Lot would totally want my number.


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Proof that simple things CAN make a difference, thank you for the reminder! And yes, I just stared at your hiney for a certain length of time - what a inspiring way to start my morning!

Ann said...

happy anniversary, congrats on going to school and pursuing your dreams, and nice butt!! Not what I expected to see this am, but it's awesome and great job! Lol.

Adrienne said...

omg. you are the best. i love your ass.

Alexa said...

LOL! I finally looked at this! You rock girl!