Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trudging along.

Well, just as I'm getting all set for my weigh-in tomorrow morning, I get a little email alert from reminding me that TOM is coming today. That's fine, because while I had a minor freakout that the scale is not going to accurately reflect the work I've done in the last week (which is a lot of awesome work), I read this article, reminding me that this is a long term goal. A very long term goal. A life goal, really. And I have my whole life to complete it.

However, this week, I'm super proud of myself. Despite the fact that I've had a difficult time sleeping, and have been way too busy to get to the gym, I did make time for what has become a priority: preparing healthy meals.

I knew that nearly every moment of this week was scheduled out, so I took Sunday night and a little bit of Monday afternoon (the only hours I had free) to prepare for the week ahead. I slow simmered some bison on the range in some vegetable stock and red wine, later adding to it: beets, carrots, a sweet potato, a rutabaga and some garlic. After all that stuff was in there, I tossed it in the oven and left the house for a few hours. When I got home to take it out, everything was just falling apart, in a good way. ABSOLUTELY delicious stew. Amazing. I portioned it out into single servings after entering all the ingredients into the Recipe Builder on my plan managers for Weight Watchers. I labeled each portion with the points and tossed half of it in the freezer and the other half in the fridge.

I also made one of my favorite Weight Watchers recipes: Cranberry Pear Chicken. I portioned it, put it in the recipe builder and labeled it.

I grocery shopped for good snacks: snap pea pods, carrots, apples, pears, bananas, bell peppers.

I bought Scottish Oats for breakfast only to find that not only are they a billion times more satisfying than instant oatmeal (and easier to prepare than steel cut oats) but they are lower in PlusPoints as well! I made a batch for the week, portioned it out and labeled it. All I have to do for breakfast is pour in a tiny bit of almond milk, microwave and eat.

Being that this week contained Valentine's Day, I bought 3 very delicious, very gourmet chocolate bars from the co-op. I broke them down into portions (weighing them on my food scale) and put them in snack bags, labeling the kind of chocolate (Crystalized ginger in Dark Chocolate, Cherries and Almonds in Dark Chocolate, and REALLY REALLY DARK CHOCOLATE) and the amount of PlusPoints in the serving. I broke half the bar into 1oz servings, and the other half into .5oz servings so that I can easily decide if it's a "little chocolate" time or "a lot of chocolate" time.

Last night, a friend who's having a rough go of it simply needed to run some errands. She doesn't have a car and REAL grocery shopping (the kind busy people need to do) can be difficult on the bike. So we took my car to Trader Joes, where I don't often shop as I'm attempting to be more of a locavore these past few years, to pick up a few things. She is Gluten Free and Trader Joes really does a great job of labeling their GF items so they're easy to find. Plus, it's cheap and she doesn't really care. So..

2 heaping bags of food for her later, and a handful (literally) of items for me, we were done. Not without stopping into the liquor side for a few bottles of wine, however. Riesling FTW.

I have stayed at my points target every day this week because I knew I would not have much, if any, time to exercise outside of walking a little further or running up and down my 3 flights of stairs to get things done.

Regardless of what the scale says tomorrow, I know I'm on the right track again, having massively recovered from falling off the wagon on Superbowl Sunday.

How did you do this week, especially if you celebrate Valentine's Day?

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Ann said...

wow, sounds like you had a FANTASTIC week setting you up for success. Especially the chocolate bars broken and labeled. :) That's AWESOME!!!