Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My friend Kassie at Fat Athlete is brainstorming her reward for breaking out of the 200s.

I got to thinking about the fact that I haven't rewarded myself yet in this new bout of weight loss.

My highest weight for the regain was 170lbs. My most recent weigh in was 161.4lbs. That means I've already lost 8.6lbs! That's great. ...but it means I missed my 5lb reward, so I'm going to go ahead and order that today.

Want to know what it is? It's kind of boring.

Tweezerman Tweezers!

I'm Italian, and as such, I totally have whiskers. I also have unruly eyebrows and coarse hair that often breaks off with the crappy tweezers I have. So, I've been meaning to get a pair of these for YEARS but just kept forgetting. Tweezerman offers free sharpening, so it's incredibly valuable. Great tweezers for life!

And it got me thinking that I should be pretty close to my 10lbs goal if last week's Superbowl party didn't put me too high up there that I won't lose it with my hard work this week. Then I decided I needed to make up rewards that I'd be excited to work toward. I never really did this during my first bout of weight loss.

10lbs: New HRM to replace broken/old/gross one.

15lbs: A new kitchen knife!

20lbs: Running Shoes!

25lbs: THIS adorable bra and panties set from my favorite website that carries small band/big cup sizes like mine.

30lbs: I don't know....

GOAL: I don't know!

I'm thinking GOAL reward needs to be pretty huge. It had always been a trip to Costa Rica to go to a Surf Camp I really really want to go to. I also really really want to learn to surf. It's also a yoga camp. It's also a super healthy eating camp. It seems like a perfect reward. Problem, it's about $2000 without airfare. So... $3000 reward? Not at all in my budget.

Can you help me brainstorm those last two rewards? Do you have your rewards set? What are they?


Missy said...

I like your reward ideas so far! For goal weight - maybe you'll need to go on a shopping spree. Or take a mini-vaca. Or do a spa day. Treat yourself nicely ;o)

Valerie said...

First of all, I love your rewards so far! That bra and panties set is especially cute. As far as running shoes, I highly recommend trying Vibram Five Fingers...so comfortable.

Alright, so goal ideas. Why not at 30 pounds you treat yourself to a set of introductory yoga classes and for goal you treat yourself to a new swim suit and a set of surfing classes. It may not be the $3000 prize, but at least you get to incorporate some of the ideas. Otherwise I like the idea of a mini vacation, although I guess you'd get that in with the surfing lessons. It could be fun!