Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Packers win, I lose.

I did a very poor job managing my intake at the Superbowl Party. So much so, in fact, that I ate up all of my Activity Points and all of my Weekly Points Allowance, and then some.

I ended the night with 8 points in the hole.

Yesterday, I went to the gym and cranked it up. I earned back 6 points, leaving myself -2 in the hole for the week. Staring at that little stupid red number sent me into a panic, because I've been doing so well. What to do when panic sets in? Eat of course!


It's been nearly 8 years on this WL journey and sometimes my responses are still the same. Though, I will credit myself and say that at least more often than not... they're not.

So, I went on a little binge yesterday, and lost track of how much I scarfed down. I tried to track it to the best of my memory, but we'll just say I totally screwed the week up. But it's just a week. One week in the grand scale of what is not really even 1/3 of my life so far on this earth. I have plenty of time.

This morning, I've kind of decided that given my response to that little red number, I may skip the scale this week. Knowing I've probably gained, I just want to continue to stay the course. Get back on track and hopefully see a tiny bit of improvement next week when I jump on.

You can judge that however you want. I don't care if YOU would get on the scale anyway, I'm not you and you're not me and we don't do things the same way so I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't tell me what to do unless I ask for your opinion.

I WOULD, however, appreciate some new meal ideas. Whenever I need to stay the course and be REALLY on point, I like to cook something new. It feeds back in some of the excitement that fades knowing there is no wiggle room.

So.. if you have simple recipes with minimal ingredients (or a lot of things I would have on hand) I would LOVE to hear about some of your favorite meals.


Tiffany said...

Sorry you had a rough time!
My new go-to thing is beans. I make a big pot on Sundays and eat them 4-5 days for lunch. They fill you up, give you good energy & taste fabulous. I cook mine with onion, garlic and chicken stock. Simple but good. Turkey chili is also good for that. Have a great week!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Good thing I'm not on WW; I think I would have eaten my activity points for rest of the year this past Sunday. :(

Still, this is a brand new week and we're on to bigger... errr.. smaller things!

Ann said...

I appreicate your insight about your eating - and congrats for recognizing your patterns. Meal Ideas - have you seen the new Hungry Girl cookbook? I LOVE the "turkey taco meatloaf" - it's ground turkey, cheese, salsa, taco seasoning, corn, and then onions or peppers. I also have found a lot of good recipes from Cooking Light!

nic said...

I LOVE Cooking Light. I'm not much of an HG fan because I try to stay away from low-cal low-fat processed foods and she really loves to push them.

Tonight I'm making Bison stew with red wine and a ton of root veggies. I will try to remember to post pics.

Lor said...

i don't cook for shit. my idea of a "new meal" is a different spice on a chicken breast...
but i will say that i'm in the same boat as you are. i had a bridal shower sunday where i managed to eat my weight in pizza and gooey butter cake a girlfriend brought me from St. Louis. I, too, am skipping the scale this week. Let's get back on the wagon, girlfriend. we've got this shit!! xox

Pretty Pauline said...

One of my favorite, easy meals is pulled barbecue chicken topped with homemade coleslaw on a grainy bun. MMMMM! Just bake the chicken, and thenpull it apart while smothering with barbecue sauce. The slaw recipe I got from allrecipes.com.