Thursday, February 3, 2011

Did it.

Well, I went to the gym despite my Fat Day, knowing that if I didn't go, today would be a Fat Day too. It is, but not because I went to the gym.

Remember I promised myself I only had to do 30 minutes? 20 of moderate effort and 10 of strenuous effort. I did that, plus 15 more. Getting back into the swing of things after being KNOCKED ON YOUR ASS with sickness is pretty tough. I really struggled through what is usually my simple, lazy, hungover, first day of TOM style workout. Anyhow, did it. Done.

The Manpanion offered to feed me last night prior to a birthday party we were attending. I reluctantly accepted, knowing that he's been trying really hard to pare down meals and understand how Weight Watchers works. He did another AMAZING job, feeding me a meal that totaled to only 4 PlusPoints! Nice work Manpanion!

Because he did such an amazing job, I got to have a really delicious beer at the Birthday dinner and I held a baby - which was a fantastic and terrible idea. We visited this baby the day after it was delivered in the hospital. I was on about day 12 of the sick at that time, feeling well enough to be out and about but knowing better than to hold a baby or really be near the newborn baby. So I have been patiently waiting like EIGHT DAYS to hold this baby. It was everything I wanted it to be.

Tonight I have Broomball, which is my new favorite way to get in my activity. Running on ice has to be worth at least double the Activity Points but since my HRM is broken and I don't "earn" a new one until I've lost 15lbs, I couldn't tell you.

My, what a boring, clustered entry.

I know half the country is covered in snow right now (HAHAHA), so I wonder how you're getting your activity in while you're all stuck in your homes?


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Broomball? I've heard of it but never knew anyone who actually has done it before. I love it, can you take pictures and share it with us?

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Oh, and what is this dinner that he made? I'm impressed with his cooking interest!

nic said...

My broomball games are after dark, so any pictures would be totally lame and not up to my blog-picture standards, but I WILL take you to play sometime if you want.

The dinner Paul made was just a bison roast with beets and celeriac with a tiny bit of oil and a tiny bit of red wine. Pulled bison + veggies? YUM. I had a small portion of that (3 points) and ate a bunch of carrots sticks and snap pea pods. Amazing.