Saturday, February 5, 2011

Because I need reminding.

I'm crabby today.

I woke up too early, disrupting what was already a pretty awful dream.

I got to the gym early before it got crowded (yay) and worked really really hard for an hour (yay).

Returned home, made a super delicious and healthful breakfast of egg whites + leftover salmon cakes with fiery bell pepper salsa. (yay) I had an apple. (yay)

With all of this Yay Celebration going on, what the hell is my problem?

I'm not totally sure.

I realized though, that I'm just feeling tired, literally, and lacking some motivation. I thought it would be a good plan to remind myself where I've been and where I've been. Yes, I said that twice. I've been at my heaviest adult weight and I've been at my lowest adult weight. I'm currently sitting somewhere in the middle. 40lbs below the heaviest and a little less than 20lbs above goal weight.

The interesting part is that when I think about either of those weights, heaviest or lightest, there's a trend - confidence. I felt sexy at both weights. I felt strong and capable. That's the missing puzzle piece right now. I already feel defeated.

I'm hoping that a little napping and relaxation today will take care of that.


Jenn said...

Check out the links/video in the 2/4/11 post here:

I think it puts things into perspective a bit. Maybe it'll boost your body image and help you maintain it regardless what the scale says or how a certain pair of jeans feel.

Valerie said...

I totally and completely know how you feel. In my case, I felt defeated because I had put on a few of the pounds that I had worked so hard to erase. So, I looked at my life. What did I want? I wanted to be healthy and happy. I wanted to be secure in my business, and I wanted to have a house that I could live in but could also house dogs (I like dogs).

I focused first on the healthy thing. I'm not back to my goal yet, but the exercise makes me feel a lot better. Now I'm focusing on the house, and it's improving. And guess what? As my health and house improve, so is the rest of my life. Just take life one day at a time, and it will get better.