Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It seems I have returned to blogging regularly enough that I get to do my first womanly post of 2011. That's right, TOM. Yesterday was my first day and boy oh boy did it get the best of me.

Well, the best of the prepared-for-TOM me, anyway.

I hit up the bulk bin at my co-op, thus allowing me to purchase small amounts of the snacks I knew I was going to reach for. I needed something salty, something sweet and something indulgent. I grabbed a scoop of yogurt covered pretzels, agave gummy bears and dark chocolate covered almonds.

The key here is the twisty ties. I HATE THOSE THINGS. I tie up my little bags with them and then I don't even want to open them. After the initial super-tight-twist, they're a pain in the ass. I spend the majority of my days untying ridiculous knots and typing, so by the time I want a snack, I don't want to work for it. I don't want to untwist the tiniest of stupid twisty-ties. I hate those things. I'm repeating that for effect.

SO! It's actually a strategy. Because having those bags of delicious all sealed up with twisty-ties means that by the time I'm going into one for an inappropriate amount of whatever is inside, I have enough time to make a better decision or just get frustrated and throw the thing back into my snack basket because I can't deal with the damn twisty-ties. I'm serious. I realize this is a really stupid neuroses to have, but I have it and sometimes it works in my favor.

You may be wondering why I would go out and buy dangerous snacks during TOM? Well, the thing about binge eaters like myself, is that we generally have something in mind that we actually want to eat... and a small amount of that actual thing would suffice and we'd be satisfied of that craving. However, because we try to keep temptation out of the house, we'll just eat everything else searching for something that might satisfy in that same way. It never does. And then we've eaten everything else too, so you're still going to make a trip to the grocery store because now you have no food. It's preparation.

I went a little overboard on them either way. I had 8 of the dark chocolate covered almonds after dinner, which were rich enough to make me feel a little ill. I was already starting to get a scratch in my throat (I am finally getting sick, after every single close friend has caught at least 2 colds this season, and my manpanion had one for nearly 3 weeks, I stayed safe. My guard has been dropped and I'm affected now) so the chocolate made that pretty uncomfortable. 8 of those was 11 PlusPoints. Not too bad. But then, I went on a gummy bear rampage. I ate that whole bag. I had 2 oz, which was everything I bought, semi-knowing this would happen. 2 oz of the agave gummies was 6 points. Not too shabby. So, I wasted 17 points on sweet stuff that I didn't really need minutes before passing out.

It happened. I've washed my hands of it. Now I just have less of my Weekly Points Allowance to play with today and tomorrow, which probably won't matter much because when I get sick, I just want to sleep and drink tea all the time.

Generally, I still workout during TOM as well, but yesterday I was not into it. I gave myself a pass. I still went to the gym, but only to scan my card and pick up a CityPages and walk back out. It's the cheaters way to be sure to get the discount. I would happily have made up that off-day today, but now that I am coming down with something, I will back off. It's important to me to get my health back up and also not to infect anyone else. If by Friday I'm feeling top-notch, I will go and do something light, like a bike or just walking on the treadmill - just to get my blood moving around.

I'm at work now and desperately wishing to be in bed, beginning the rest that I know will knock this cold out of the park. However, I managed to give myself a stomach flu last week and missed 2 days of work, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to power on through this time as I'm behind.

Tomorrow will be the more difficult of these last two days in the office. (I only actually go in Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6:30am to 12:30pm. The other 2 week days are spent working exclusively from my home office, as well as the afternoons Tu-Th are also finished up there). When office hours are over tomorrow, I need to stick around for an hour finishing up odds and ends and then force myself into a meeting that rarely has anything to do with me or my program but is mandatory by our Executive Director. After that, I'll have approximately 2 hours to relax my cold before meeting up with a friend for Happy Hour and attending a workshop.

When THAT is over, I will go home and sleep forever. Possibly even through Friday, just so that I can get over whatever has taken up residence in my throat.

So I'm curious about your TOM. Do you do anything different to prepare? Do you still exercise?


Ann said...

I'm sorry that you're not feeling well. I have a question..... If you bought bulk candy and treats, why didn't you just buy less? it's okay to indulge once in a while, but make sure you aren't setting yourself up for failure!! and yes, working out during TOM always makes me feel better!!

Valerie said...

Hmm, during my TOM I like to eat a lot of protein and anything with iron. I used to crave chocolate and sweets, but that never satisfied the way it should have. Then, one day, I had a burger. Oh tasty meat! I try to focus on turkey burgers, and possibly even a good meaty lasagna, but sometimes a steak is all that will do.

As far as working, I definitely work out. Generally, the workouts are harder to do, and my body aches more, but if I don't work out then I'd feel worse. Working out helps the cramps, and keeps my energy up.

I hope you feel better with your cold. Definitely give yourself time to feel better, but maybe once you start to recuperate you can do something easy, like walking on the treadmill. Good luck!

nic said...

I did buy less, Ann. That was the point. Better to have only 2oz of gummies versus the 3-5 that come in a commercial bag...

ashley & sundance said...

I never know when it's my TOM, (due to my Mirena-no period...) But when I was on regular BC pills, I always worked out, always made me feel better, less cramp-y. I've done the bulk treats/smaller amount thing before too. Sometimes just knowing that I do have them, and I can eat them if I want too is enough for me. Sometimes the treats will sit for a few days/weeks before I get into them. And way to go on still tracking them. You rock. Keep up the hard work!