Monday, January 3, 2011

Weight Watchers FTW!

I feel incredibly giddy and validated today.

After tracking my lunch (turkey and white bean dip sandwich + 2 deviled egg halves) I was doing a bit of sleuthing in the new Plan Manager.

All I was really trying to do was to change my Weigh-In Day from Sunday to Friday, but I discovered a plethora of other changes I could make!

Such as:
  • Changing my preference to draw from my Activity Points before my Weekly Flex Points
  • Changing whether or not I want to use Activity Points from a weekly bank or only on the day that I earn them
  • My WI day, of course
I am so very excited to be able to draw from my Activity Points before my Weekly Extras again. This was a large problem I had with the last major plan change before this one in the new year. Being able to switch to a method that REALLY helped me lose weight is a giant motivator for me. I have been attempting to "get things back" to the way they were when I was consistently dropping pounds. I mean, I LOST 60 POUNDS! That's pretty huge. I want to get back to that "losing" mentality.

I hope that simply knowing some of these options exist will help you too. Just click "settings" in your plan manager.

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Rusty Brown ;-) said...

good to know! i'm making the change right now. :)