Thursday, January 13, 2011


Something struck me on Monday when I was returning home from my workout. I pulled up at the same time my ridiculously kind but somewhat downtrodden neighbor, Frank, was warming up his truck and scraping the thin layer of ice from the windshield. He saw my car coming and started waving excitedly and as soon as I got out of the car we had a very nice conversation about the week ahead, the weather, isn't it crazy, etc. A few minutes in to it, his kids came out of the house. They're probably 13 and 16 respectively. Sourest faces you've ever seen.

The kids looked at their father in disgust, for seemingly no reason, yelling demands at him to "Get going." I've seen them treat Frank this way a billion times. I often want to grab them and shake them and tell them that their parents give them everything they have! How can you treat them that way?

..and then I had a really tiny but pretty massive revelation.

My mind is a teenager and my body is the parent.

In the same way it "wouldn't be fair" for me to not go to that party on Friday just because no parents will be there, it "isn't fair" that I can't eat cake all day and not lose weight. I can lay on the couch all day instead of exercise, much like a teenager might lay on the couch and not take out the damn trash. It doesn't take that long, just do it.

My body provides everything for me. A house for my bones and guts and heart. It allows me to move from place to place, like work, or play. It literally keeps me alive. That's its job.

Just like a parent.

I've always envied that parent/child relationship where it's all hugs and smiles and deep conversations. Best friends with a parental twist. I want that for my body.


Tiffany said...

Great analogy! Me likey ☺

Ann said...

Love this entry!!! You are SO right!!!