Thursday, January 20, 2011



So so sick.

I finally caught a cold this winter season and it is overcoming me. I did fine the first day, the 2nd day I was so bored that I succumbed to boredom/stress eating. I had a million things to do but without the energy to do them, I slipped and let my energy fall to every easily edible thing in the house. Anything to numb the pain.

I know better to do this, but I am in foreign territory here. I haven't been REALLY SUPER SUPER SICK since moving into my own place last January. I am not used to having no one around to take care of me in some way. Trips to the store, bringing me a cup of tea, etc. Not used to living around. Even though he offered, I denied the manpanion access to me in this situation. I don't want him to get sick and I feel so gross that I just don't even want the company.

Tonight I went out for some miso soup because I had a workshop to attend that I'd been looking forward to for months. Miso and tea and then the 2 hour workshop. I powered through, but I feel disabled now.

I have been sitting here thinking about how much I don't want to weigh in tomorrow, but I'm not going to play that game. I will take my massive salt/TOM/binge induced gain and be just fine with it and watch my progress continue as I keep going.

Time to sleep.


Ms. M said...

Ugh. Hope you get to feeling better soon! Don't blame you for keeping the manpanion away.

Tiffany said...

Poor thing! Get better soon!

Lee said...

Hope you're feeling better by the time you read your comments. Miso soup & tea -- perfect.

BTW - Have you tried salt water nose sprays? I've turned into a true believer. Feel a cold coming on? Spray some saline up the nose...seems to nuke the cold virus.

Cindy said...

Being sick is the POOP. The poop I tell you. But you know that. I swear, everyone I know has been sick this winter. It's probably all the snow.

I hope you are feeling better & getting the rest you need! Also, my netipot seriously saved my life as far as my sinuses were concerned. It seems weird at first, but was seriously amazing.

Ann said...

Jay and I have both gotten the "crud" in the past few weeks, too. Just rest and hopefully you will feel better soon!!