Sunday, January 16, 2011


My legs are screaming in pain.

I got myself together and made it to the gym, though the way this lazy morning went, I wasn't really sure it was going to happen.

Last night, I had a double date with one of my new(er) friends and her husband. We had cocktails at The Bradstreet and then hit up The Seville, which is a Gentleman's club. Yes, real wives and girlfriends support entertainment of this matter, don't judge. I bought my manpanion a lap dance, and after a while we drifted to a nearby dance club and sweat off a ton of calories.

I had given myself permission to "splurge" a bit on the evening because lately the manpanion and I haven't been going "out." He has been so incredibly supportive with my return to weight loss. Last week, we met up for lunch at One on One Bicycle near his office. The owner is a bike friend of mine and he lets us brown bag it in his cafe because I am such an excellent coffee consumer. We used the time for me to explain all the ins and outs of the Weight Watchers program... BECAUSE HE ASKED. He asked how it worked, he asked how to determine PlusPoints and how he could help build us healthier meals. We played around in the Plan Manager and I explained how Activity Points and Weekly Points Allowances work. It felt so great to not only be supported in my goals, but to have someone who eagerly wants to help.

So last night, the manpanion made us dinner. Small portions of amazing salmon, cooked with oil, snap pea pods, carrots and a delicious spicy glaze of sesame oil and sriracha, which is totally my favorite condiment in the world, and a GIANT bowl of fresh fruit. I had banked a ton of APs at the gym earlier in the day by running, walking, using the stepmill and lifting some SERIOUS weights. I ended the night using 17 APs, which I totally had. I got to splurge within my budgeted points! I felt extremely accomplished.

This morning, we laid in bed forever. Had french press coffee and homemade waffles with pineapple rum compote and blueberries (another splurge, but it was brunch, so it was totally worth it) and then laid under a down comforter on the couch just talking. By the time 4:00pm rolled around, I knew I needed to get my butt to the gym because tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the YWCA is closed and I am GOING to earn that health insurance discount.

I had it in my head that I'd take the lazy route, which to me means the elliptical. I mostly think that machine is bullshit. It's great for people with injuries or just starting to get fit or exercise, but for the most part, it's very low impact and doesn't do a whole lot. It is my lazy way out. I had decided to do the lazy girl's workout, but when I got on the machine, I decided to do a hill climb and cranked the resistance up even more. I was dripping sweat by the 10th minute and by the 30th, when I was done, I kind of wanted to die.

Climbing that hill after all the squats and lunges I did during my strength routine yesterday, in addition to the leg press (I can press 220lbs!) my hamstrings were ON FIRE. ON FIRE. It kind of felt literal. They were burning and aching and throbbing. I spent extra time stretching to cool down since I was only putting in 30 minutes compared to my usual 60-90 minutes.

I had a fabulous weekend. I'm excited for what this week has in store.

Is your gym closed tomorrow? What's your fitness plan?


Ann said...

Great recap!! It sounds like a fabulous weekend!!

Lor said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend! and that is SO AWESOME that your manpanion is being so wonderful with everything. SO happy for you!

my zumba class is still on for tonight, and because i have to cover an early morning meeting Tuesday, i'm excited that i'll be able to hit the gym when i get off work Tues.! usually, by the time i get out of work, the gym is SO busy it's almost not worth going.

Kirsten said...

Your double date night sounds like so much fun!