Thursday, January 6, 2011

oh oh overboard.

Well, first bump in the road.

Yesterday I was feeling awfully snacky. I was also stressed. Hmmm... I wonder if they were related? (They definitely were.)

I started the day off with a relatively high PointsPlus breakfast. A bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal which claims to have as much protein as an egg. It does, but it's not the same kind of protein. It's a bowl of carbs, essentially, and it tastes like it, which is why I wanted it.

So, that bowl of cereal, with the almond milk, plus my coffee, with the almond milk, came to 7 points. Not bad, but it wasn't a whole lot of food for 7 points. I packed up two clementines and a 1oz bag of almonds for a snack during my work morning.

I'm at work. Things are kind of falling apart. It's busy. I'm annoyed. Something else is annoying me. I'm stressed AND annoyed because I have my yearly physical mid-afternoon and I'm considering going back on birth control. I'm researching the costs of my chosen, or favored, birth control option, the NuvaRing. I'm calling pharmacies and asking their price per ring without insurance.

Enter co-worker with a chocolate covered pretzel. Offering it to me. I take it, wrap it in a napkin and stuff it in my desk. Not falling for it.

Now, I have insurance, but that stupid high deductible insurance where you're essentially working without insurance until you've paid out the amount of your incredibly high deductible. So, I need to spend $1450 medical dollars before they cover stuff, BUT then they cover everything. The smart me would have gone ahead and done all of this a month ago, when I had already hit my deductible and I could have stockpiled everything for the new year. However, after calling 9 pharmacies and finding out that the cheapest price per ring was $69.91... and I'd need to spend that every month, I started reading more about IUDs.

That's a big decision. I eat the chocolate covered pretzel, blatantly ignoring the clementines and almonds I brought.

I've always been a little bit scared of them (IUDs), mostly because I don't understand how they work and of course we're terrified of things that don't make sense. The more I read, the more I was intrigued. The more I talked to other women who have them, the more I wanted one.

I went home and made myself some lunch. Surely having a meal in me would calm me down. Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread with a little horseradish mustard, spinach and tomatoes. Yum. I scarfed that thing.

But... I'm still hungry (snacky) so I made a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with fresh cracked black pepper and read a little more about IUDs.

So I brought it up at my appointment. Apparently, my nurse practitioner whom I love and adore had some opinions about women without children getting IUDs. Mostly from a medical standpoint, and not a judging one. That there is a higher rate of displacement because of the shape of our uterus, etc. Either way. I'm getting one. Also, my ladybits look spectacular, as per usual.

Then I had to call around and find out the price of the procedure. $168! NOT BAD! Awesome. I can afford that.

Oh.. but the IUD? That costs $780.

So... $1000.

But, given the comparison of using a ring monthly at $70... and the fact that Mirena IUD lasts 5 years, or ParaGuard lasts 12... I will save $3200 or $9980 respectively over the course of those years. So... worth it. PLUS, I will be very close to my deductible very close to the beginning of the year, which means I will be able to see my therapist pretty much free of charge for the whole year. I like this ending.


I made some lemonade because I needed to pretend it was summer for about 2 hours. Summer makes me happy and I'm on deadline at work for a bunch of stuff. I have about 39840384093 reports due in the next week and Paul, my manpanion and IT guy is going to do a bunch of weird stuff to my computer on Monday which means it will be out of commission for approximately 8 hours, which means I can't work. Which also means if he screws up, not only will he NOT be being paid in kisses, but I will probably cry and kill myself. In which case, Jessica can have my totally clean MacBook Pro.

I make some popcorn.

Clearly I'm snacky. Clearly I want to keep shoving things in my mouth. So at this point I need to go for low points with volume. Popcorn is a good choice.

Not enough.

I just kept snacking. I tried to make better decisions. I had the popcorn when I really wanted potato chips (which I don't keep in the house and actually can't even remember the last time I had them). I made the lemonade when I really wanted a soda (even though I don't keep that in the house either).

I realized at about 5:30pm, my 11th hour of going going going for work and doctory stuff, that I just needed more protein. I had a hard boiled egg. Good, but gone in pretty much two bites.

I take a small trip over to Paul's to pick up a loner mouse. It will speed things up with my reporting as there are a billion stupid tiny boxes to click and the trackpad on my computer was really slowing me down.

I get there, I pick it up. He offers me turkey soup. I say no. I leave.

I literally have no points left at this point. I am exactly at 0.

I get home, continue working (with the mouse I get about 2x more done in an hour and a half). I suppose I should make some dinner.

I made AMAZING soup the night before for some girlfriends. I reheat it. I add some pork roast (that I also made the night before but not for the soup). Perfect. Satisfying. In the red now by 7 points, all of which I have in my weekly flex points.

I work a little more. Now into my 15th hour (really 14 if we subtract the stupid physical) and I want dessert. I don't have dessert. I have some peanut butter bumpers cereal. It's sweet. It's perfect. It's 5 more points. -11.

All in all, not that bad for a bingey day.

Today I have the clementines and almonds in my arsenal. I realize what happened yesterday and I can change it. I know that I have pears and grapefruit in my fridge, and if I go on a binge, I have to eat those first. And then I need to go outside for a minute and reevaluate if I'm actually hungry or not. And then, if clear-headed me decides I am, I will eat something.

So. Comment on something. Snacks. IUDs. What's on your mind?


Valerie said...

I think we've all had those sorts of days before. In fact, I had one yesterday. That pretzel probably sent you on a sugar bender, but I think you handled it really well. And 11 points over isn't that bad. That's what the flex points are for!

As for IUDs, yeah, they terrify me. It's something I'd consider trying, but I'll probably end up waiting until I have a kid. Until then, it's the regular-ole pill for me. Good luck with everything!

Margee said...

When I go overboard, I eat an entire box of something, go out to eat and then eat some more. You did FANTASTIC for stress eating. Really.

Lor said...

you really did NOT overdo. that's what our extra points are there for! we're not machines. sometimes our emotions get the best of us and we eat pretzels instead of clementines. but you had the points -- no harm, no foul.

as for IUDs, they terrify me, too. i do have a couple of girlfriends who have them or have had them, and they swear by them. me? i'm a big pansy, paranoid patty. tis the pill for me!


Lee said...

IUD are hormone free, right? That seems like something worth considering in its favor.

Kassie said...

One thing you may want to consider is that if you get a new job, your insurance may change. Which means that it may cover birth control ongoing OR you may have to start over with a deductible even if you already spent it on the IUD.

Also, Minnesota does have a Family Planning Program. I'm guessing you are over income, but if you make $21,660 or less a year, you could have your birth control paid for by the State of Minnesota. Might not help you, but may help someone else reading.

I'm not against an IUD at all. And it seems like you thought it out. But I just wanted to bring up those couple points.

ashley & sundance said...

I have the Mirena IUD, got it before I got married, without having a kid first. LOVE it. I don't think I could ever go back to "regular" birth control. Though before I got the Mirena, I was using the NuvaRing and I loved that too.

Ann said...

I'm glad you recognized where you were struggling. Today is a new day!!!

Girly Girl: Losing the Gut said...

Ann that post was amazing. You have no idea how many times I have felt the same way. We have all had those days and the way you laid it all out was exactly like my thought process when I am stressed and snacky. I think one of the most important things we can do as bloggers and as people trying to lose weight is be honest. Honest about our successes and our failures. You did just that with this post!