Monday, January 31, 2011

Lazy Workout.

My "triumphant" return to the gym was pretty tame. This illness has moved itself into my lungs as of... about 6 days ago and it's set up a pretty strong camp. This rendered me useless for anything cardio, and sapped my energy in the strength training department.

I met my friend/co-worker David for a 6:00am workout at the YWCA. We walked around the track quickly to get the heart rates up in a simple way due to my plague. Then, on to the weights. I'm already sore. Literally. David always pushes the limits because he's a gigantic dude. 6'2" and about 250lbs. Clearly we're not evenly matched.

I fell off the "clean eating" wagon yesterday, but reigned it back in quickly and even got in a little bit of activity walking through a foot of snow for half a mile on our way to the Art Sled Rally, which is a annual event in my neighborhood.

I'm starting to wonder if I have pneumonia. This is my 16th day of being sick. That's a really long time. When do I go to the doctor? Yikes.

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Valerie said...

How sick are you? Are you still running a fever, or are you just coughing? For stuff in your chest, you may want to look into getting a good decongestant, and a doctor's visit probably wouldn't hurt. That said, I've noticed recently that the sickness going around seems to be a longer-lasting bug. Just stay hydrated and take could care.