Friday, January 14, 2011

Catching up.

It's Friday night.

I've already swept, scrubbed and mopped the floors. Cleaned the tub. Did all the dishes. All the laundry.

I turned down a delightful dinner invitation from Jen to stay in line with my goals to clean the house, eat dinner at home and save more money. Also, it's snowing [again] and people in MN still don't know how to drive.

After all of that, I had time to catch up on some of the blogs I love reading. Here are some really worthwhile reads:

Alexa at My Tale of Two Cities writes about "The Boyfriend Weight."

Calorie Count blog touches on "tasting" and "picking" while you're cooking.

Lorrie, The Token Fat Girl, answers some really tough questions about her weight loss journey.

The DailySpark shells out 8 totally delicious sounding stew recipes!

I found an article that will help me with my Pull Up goal!

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