Monday, December 6, 2010


I have been tracking for nearly a week on the new program. I do not understand the PointsPlus values at all, which is probably a really good thing. It forces me to use all the tools at my disposal and stay on top of what I am eating and portion size. I have been measuring and entering Nutrition Information into my plan manager to make sure I'm totally aware.

Tonight, the first night of my home-all-week week, I'm prepping food to make it easier to grab. This means breakfast and lunch stuff as well as snacks. I'm chopping vegetables, portioning out protein, putting fruit in a huge bowl right at the front of the fridge, etc.

I'm feeling pretty good about my involvement. I've been going over on points daily, but I AM tracking. I'm finding it difficult to navigate the higher point values of some of my "healthy" standbys. They're clearly still healthy, but too many of them won't help me lose weight (apparently).

How are you doing with the new PointsPlus program if you are a Weight Watcher?

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ashley & sundance said...

I really am liking the new PointsPlus program. (though it wasn't explained well at meeting, I've found lots of info online from other bloggers.) It came at a great time for me, I'm close to goal (and have been for almost a year) and it's been the kick in the ass I've needed for quite some time! I've been going over points daily as well, but being accountable and tracking EVERYTHING.