Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So, it's December now.

I just need to pause for a second and say that this year has gone INSANELY fast. Ridiculously fast. I feel left in the dust, but it's good dust.

On to the goals.

December Goals
  • Make it to the gym 12 times
This is not to say I will only go 12 times, however, I have been on "workout hiatus" for approximately six months. 12 times is already nearly every other day of the month, and my schedule is quite hectic near the holidays. I hope to work out more than 12 times, but visiting the gym can be a barrier to that at times; so... 12 visits.

  • Track Weight Watchers PlusPoints Daily
Track EVERYTHING I eat in my plan tracker on a daily basis. Regardless of how much I ate and what. If I go over, I want to know. No more denial. This is how I will pinpoint weaknesses and new habits I've picked up that are causing the creeping weight gain. It also helps me to be aware and accountable of what I'm putting in my mouth.

I joined a broomball team. This goal is more encompassing than that, however. Play broomball is a blanket statement for MOVE MORE. Have fun moving. Ice skate. Sled and run up the hill. Bike through the snow. Build a snowman and tackle him. Snowboard. It's winter in Minnesota and there are a million things to do.

  • Pay Attention
Pay attention to all of it. Be aware. Be attentive. Be forgiving. Be grateful. Be honest. Be present. Be me.


Tiffany said...

Great goals!

Ann said...

Those sound like awesome goals! I always say, "Fail to plan?.... Plan to fail!" so having a plan for your days at the gym and tracking will really help you stick with it. Great job, you can do it!! :)

Marguerite said...

That's awesome!