Monday, November 29, 2010

New Plan, New Goals, New Me.

Today, Weight Watchers rolled out PointsPlus, an entirely new plan.

I am elated that this is coinciding with my decision to fully dedicate December to my "diet," both in the sense that I'd like to lose weight, but also to give more attention to what I'm eating, when I'm eating it, how much of it I'm eating and also how fast.

It's time to tackle some of the root issues that are causing me to gain weight, my lack of willpower being one of them, and some of the life-long habits that stand in my way of making REAL change (such as eating way too fast and hence too much).

Now that my "new" life has settled down some: I've been in my new apartment for nearly a year, I've settled into a very exciting and mutually supportive relationship with a fella, and I finally have given myself enough credit to admit and believe that I have the power to change.

I rejoined the YWCA, so I have my activity cut out for me. A big part of me believes that simply reintroducing exercise will help me shed pounds, and I intend to, but I know that the eating is where the focus needs to be this time. Maintenance will be a combination of exercise and eating, but the eating habits will carry me through old age, injuries, and any other scenario that might come my way.

I am giving my monthly goals some serious thought tonight and I'll be back tomorrow to update them, along with NEW "before" pictures. I've accepted myself where I am, and intend to move forward from here with respect to where I have been, but not dwell on where I was.

Have you already set your goals for December? Care to share?


Kassie said...

Way to go!

I too am looking forward to a good December. I got my home gym finally set up (balance ball, trainer for my bike and resistance bands) and I recommitted to SparkPeople. I'm really hoping for 10 pound loss between now and January 1!

Oh, and I'm recommitting to blogging, I just need to figure out where I want to do that.

ashley & sundance said...

I've been slacking off lately with WW, not tracking, eating whatever I want, and now that the new plan has rolled out, I'm recommitting to track everything with the new PointsPlus system. I was telling my leader yesterday that this couldn't have come at a better time! I totally needed a kick in the pants!