Friday, November 12, 2010

The first step!

In this current journey, the one in which I gain 20+ pounds after starting my life over, I've been truly avoiding the first step. "This" journey started 5 months ago, promptly after I decided the gym wasn't a top priority and eating out and drinking were. Dating was.

It was fun!

Now that I find myself with more of a steady connection, kind of a boyfriend, a manpanion, whom I've been seeing for the last 6 of those months and now am seeing exclusively, I've gotten a little too comfortable ordering the burger off the menu. And a beer. Maybe two. Sometimes three. I'll sneak some fries from his plate when I choose to order a salad. I'll just eat.

We all have to eat, right?

That's not the important part of "this" journey. It's the lack of exercise. The lack of fitness. The lack of gym. The lack of biking to the store that's only a mile away instead of driving.

This morning, I took THE FIRST STEP in reclaiming my former athletic self.

I went to the gym!

My new/old gym.

I worked out.

For an hour.


Really hard.

I lifted weights.

A lot of them.

I sweat.

A lot.

I feel amazing.

Here's to new/old habits.

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Lee said...

RaWr!You sound determined.:)