Monday, October 18, 2010

What used to be.

Last year, around this time, I was running competitive 5ks. I identified as an athlete. I trained. I lifted weights. I was evening branching out and going to Bikram Yoga.

This year, I find myself making up every excuse in the book. I quit my gym 2 months ago because the cost had exceeded what I was getting from the membership; which is nothing, when you don't go.

I had good intentions to re-join the YWCA. I even stopped in this weekend, but my wallet was stolen (a sob story for another time) and my debit card hasn't shipped yet and I apparently need that information.

As SOON as I get that card, I'm going in to get another card. The membership one. You know, to the Y.

I'm conflicted now, as I still - in my mind - identify as an athlete even though I do nothing of the sort. I don't even really enjoy walking as exercise and I don't seek out opportunities to take my bikes on long rides. This needs to change.

I see the difference not only in my body, but my mindset, as I've fallen off the exercise track. I need to remember that each day is a choice. A choice to work out, or not to. Each has it's own set of consequences. Sure, if I work out I might miss sitting on my ass in front of the TV for an hour, but I also have the added bonus of getting to eat more! And losing weight! And firming up! And having less things to complain about!

It's a choice.


Lee said...

Feels like we're in a similar place. You're right about it being a choice every day (and perhaps several times throughout the day). We're very fortunate that it is a choice we can make in our lives right now.

Sorry about your wallet being stolen. :(

Kassie said...

Maybe we need to both actually rejoin WW again? I'm feeling the same way. I have the gym membership, but I don't go. I was doing awesome stuff, now I'm not.

Glam said...

I've always loved your No BS attitude toward weight loss. You're right, it is a choice. Simple as that. But that doesn't mean it's easy!

Sorry about your wallet getting stolen. Hopefully, everything will be restored once again, including your faith in humanity...