Monday, October 25, 2010

vetoed topics.

I carry a little cross to bare with my family. A veto-ed topic that I often want to bring up because it is a giant piece of the puzzle that is my journey.

I've made an executive decision to talk about it, mostly because it has to do with me. I'm often of the mindset that other people's stories are not mine to tell, but this one is. So I will.


Little known fact: All of the women in my family have had gastric bypass.

My mother, my sister, two cousins, an aunt. We are prone to obesity. It's in our genes.

The reason why this is so important to me is because I feel victorious that I have escaped medical interjection's grip. I did it myself.

It was hard.

And even though I'm regaining weight, I'm in control. I have the tools. Some of the women in my family who took the medical route have not been so lucky.

I have a gripe with gastric bypass. Simply because of the examples I know, and others of which I've read. Medical professionals TRY to give you the tools, but there's simply not enough follow through. There aren't enough follow-ups, nutritional advice, or instruction.

My own mother has completely gained back all of the weight and then some.

We aren't equipped. These habits run deep, like spores that have dug into your bloodline and taken over.

I take pride in the fact that I did it alone. Of course, I wasn't alone. Of course I had support. I had you, and you, and you. My readers, silent or commenting. I know you're there. You followed my struggles and celebrations and confusion. You related. We did it together.

It's important to remember what you're doing for yourself, but also to think about how many people you're inspiring along the way. One more person who can see "It's possible" when it feels everything but.

You can do this.

I know because I did.


Lee said...

Very powerful post for a Monday morning.

Ann-Marie said...

Great post..

Drazil said...

Interesting perspective for sure.